Party, Nightlife, and Other Guides for Bangkok Thailand

7 Best Rooftop Bars in Thong Lor

Thong Lor is the home of high society bars, nightclubs, and the hottest “good girls” you will eve... Continue reading

5 Best Night Markets for Shopping in Bangkok

On average, Bangkok is the hottest city in the world. Which is why night markets are so popular, it is too day... Continue reading

4 Kick Ass Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for nightlife, perhaps more than anything else. The draw of cool bars and hot clubs is the on... Continue reading

3 Cheap Buffets in Bangkok Worth Eating At

If you are visiting Bangkok for only a weekend, these places probably aren’t where you want to go. But if yo... Continue reading

Ladies Night Promotion – 7 Best Bars and Clubs in Bangkok

If you are going to party in Bangkok on a weekday, it’s worth knowing what bars have the best “lady night�... Continue reading

4 Best Sports Bars in Bangkok

I’m not a fan of soccer, but there is no denying…Sports transcend languages and cultures. Sports bring... Continue reading

3 Under Rated Places to Meet Local Girls in Bangkok

If you’ve traveled halfway around the world then you probably don’t want to be around other backpackers. S... Continue reading

5 Cool 24 Hour Coffee Shops in Bangkok

As famous as Bangkok is for wild adventures and killer nightlife, sometimes you need something a little more c... Continue reading

Hooters Restaurant Now in Bangkok

There are some times when I’m in Thailand and I just want some decent American food. Not McDonalds or shit l... Continue reading

Random Daytime Activity in Bangkok – Go Play Laser Tag

If you and your friends find yourself a little bored in Bangkok with not much to do during the day (which can ... Continue reading

5 Tips for Partying in Thailand Without Looking Like a Stupid Foreigner

Partying in a foreign country is often fun but can be quite different from what you are used to. Every country... Continue reading

3 Best Shisha Bars in Bangkok

The shisha craze is sweeping Thailand, and if you find yourself anywhere in this country (especially Bangkok),... Continue reading

The Only Cool Nightclub in Sathorn – Ce La Vi Bangkok Nightclub

Sathorn is more known for being a business district of Bangkok, not nightlife. But there is one spot that is o... Continue reading

5 Best Pool Parties in Bangkok

If you’ve been to a few pool parties in Vegas you haven’t seen anything yet. They do it even bette... Continue reading

5 Kick Ass Bars in Thong Lor Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, often ranking as the #1 most visited city in ... Continue reading

How to Find the Best Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok

We’ve written many times on this website talking about the amazing soapy massages in Pattaya. But we’ve on... Continue reading

Where to Party for New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

Wow, I just checked my email for the first time in a week and have I A LOT of emails from our readers asking a... Continue reading

How to Buy Whey Protein in Thailand Without Getting Raped

Throughout the years of living in Thailand, one thing that has constantly annoyed me is the cost of health sup... Continue reading

Different Partying Styles in Bangkok – Good vs Bad

Partying in Bangkok is different than partying in any other cities around the world. In other countries, bottl... Continue reading

3 Best Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in Bangkok Thailand

Hi Gods of Thailand, I’m planning an adventure trip in Thailand that includes rock climbing, diving, and of ... Continue reading

How to Get Real Limousine Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

Hi Gods of Thailand, I’m coming to Thailand with some friends and want a limousine to pick us up at the Bang... Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Sex Tourism in Bangkok Thailand

This may not come as much of a surprise, but there are thousands upon thousands of men and women that fly into... Continue reading

4 Golden Rules for Partying in Bangkok

Dear Gods of Thailand, Next week I’m heading to Thailand for the first time. I’ve read your site multiple ... Continue reading

Need Help Planning a Bachelor Party in Bangkok – Lesbian Show

Dear Gods of Thailand, Later this month I’ll be in Thailand for my friend’s wedding. We want to throw him ... Continue reading

3 Bangkok Nightclubs You Should NOT Visit

I’ve said it many times before, the nightlife of Bangkok Thailand has something for everyone. And as a forei... Continue reading

7 Fun Activities in Bangkok that Takes Two Hours

“I’m only going to be in Bangkok for 18 hours. What are some short activities you recommend?” It is comp... Continue reading

What Nightclub has the Hottest Girls in Bangkok?

I’m asked all the time, “Where can I find the sexiest girls in Bangkok? I don’t care if they are prostit... Continue reading

The Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok Thailand

“I heard that the Patravadi Theater in Bangkok is a cool Thai experience. Can you tell me more about it?” ... Continue reading

3 Activities for Kids in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m traveling to Bangkok with my kids. What are a few fun daytime activities for them to enjoy?” There�... Continue reading

5 Best Gay Karaoke Pubs in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m looking for something more than just the gay bars and go-gos. Any advice on where the best gay pubs o... Continue reading

About Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok | Thailand Medical Tourism

“My wife is interested in getting some cosmetic surgery in Bangkok. What advice can you give?” Bangkok has... Continue reading

One Night in Bangkok Thailand – How to Party Like a Rock Star

Bangkok is one hell of a big city.  Without knowing where to go, you’ll either miss out on some great place... Continue reading

3 Awesome Schools to Learn to Cook Thai Food in Bangkok

“I want to learn to cook Thai food when I’m visiting Bangkok. Have any recommendation on good Thai cooking... Continue reading

Bangkok Airport Rail – Fast Travel from Airport to City Center

“I heard that there is a train from Bangkok Airport to the city center. Can you tell me more about this?” ... Continue reading

How to Avoid ATM Fees in Bangkok Thailand

When I first came to Bangkok over 5 years ago, there were no such things as “ATM fees in Thailand”.  The ... Continue reading

Private Naked Sushi Girl in Bangkok Thailand [Photos]

I’ll tell you guys, I’ve never really been a fan of sushi. But recently I’ve had one variation of sushi ... Continue reading

About Aromatherapy Massages in Thailand

“I’m interested in getting an Aromatherapy massage in Thailand, but don’t know much about it. Can you t... Continue reading

5 Best Animal Parks and Zoos in Bangkok Thailand

“Gods of Thailand, what are the best zoos and animal parks in Bangkok Thailand?” There are plenty of anima... Continue reading

7 Best Places to Play Badminton in Bangkok Thailand

Do you love badminton? If so, don’t be ashamed of it.  Badminton isn’t just for Asian’s and girly boys ... Continue reading

3 Best Places to Go Ice Skating in Bangkok Thailand

“I want to go ice skating when I’m in Bangkok. Any advice on where to go?” Ice skating may not be the fi... Continue reading

Is it Safe to Ride a Bicycle in Bangkok | Cycling in Thailand

“I know this is kind of an off the wall questions for you, but do you know anything about cycling in Bangkok... Continue reading

About Bangkok’s #1 Red Light District – Nana Plaza

“Hey Gods of Thailand, I’ve never been to Thailand before, but I KNOW that I was to visit Nana Pla... Continue reading

7 Best Amusement Parks in Bangkok Thailand

“I want to visit some Amusement Parks in Bangkok Thailand.  What are the best ones to check out?” Bangkok... Continue reading

7 Best Gay Spas and Saunas in Bangkok Thailand

“My partner and I will be vacationing in Thailand next week. Do you know where are the best gay spas and sau... Continue reading

Q & A Where is the Lesbian Nightlife in Bangkok?

“Hey Gods of Thailand, love your website and everything you have to say about Thailand. But I’m not seeing... Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Party for New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

The time is almost here…New Year’s Eve…aka, one of the best party nights of the year! If you find yourse... Continue reading

About Thai Massages in Thailand

“I’ve never had a massage in my life because it costs $100 an hour where I’m from. So what’s the deal ... Continue reading

How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Bangkok

I’ll tell you guys right off the bat, the party scene in Bangkok Thailand has just gotten a lot better! I ge... Continue reading

3 Best Gay Go-Go Bars in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m a gay man and want to check out some gay go-go clubs in Bangkok. Where should I go?” Go-Go bars are... Continue reading

7 Best Places to Party at on Sukhumvit Road | Bangkok Nightlife

“Everyone knows Sukhumvit is one of the best areas to party for Bangkok’s Nightlife. What advice do you ha... Continue reading

How to Avoid Scams at Patpong Road Bangkok

“I heard that Patpong Road in Bangkok being full of scams. Is any advice you can give on how not to be scamm... Continue reading

About Patpong Road in Bangkok – Thailand’s Red Light District

“Dear Gods of Thailand, can you tell me a little bit about Patpong Road in Thailand? I know you recommend av... Continue reading

7 Fun Activities for Kids in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m visiting Bangkok Thailand with the family next month. Any advice on where to take the kids for good c... Continue reading

Where to Watch Muay Thai Fighting in Bangkok Thailand

“Hey Gods of Thailand, any advice on where to watch a good Muay Thai fight in Bangkok?” Muay Thai, sometim... Continue reading

5 Best Gay Bars in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m gay and will be visiting Thailand soon, where are the best Gay Bars in Bangkok?” Gay bars are to be... Continue reading

Sex Guide – How to Meet and Sleep with College Girls in Thailand

I’ll tell you guys, I ABSOLUTELY love Thai girls between the ages of 18 and 23.  And because of this, I am ... Continue reading

What to Do at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok During a Layover

“I have a 6 hour layover at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Anything to do for fun near the area?” Suvarn... Continue reading

About Soi Cowboy GoGos – Bangkok’s Famous Red Light District

Soi Cowboy is one of three major red-light districts in Bangkok Thailand (the other two are Nana Plaza and Pat... Continue reading

7 Best Jazz Music Bars in Bangkok Thailand

This may come as a surprise, but Bangkok is home to some amazing jazz bars that fill up at night with people s... Continue reading

Awesome Day Tour from Bangkok – Visit Kanchanaburi

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor experience near Bangkok, check out the Kanchanaburi area.  I end up goi... Continue reading

5 Best GoGo Bars in Bangkok Thailand

Here is a list of our 5 favorite GoGo bars / clubs in Bangkok. You will find bars from all three of Bangkok’... Continue reading

How Much Does Ecstasy, Ketamine, and Cocaine Cost in Bangkok [VIP Only]

This is part 2 of our 4 part series giving you the REAL inside story of drugs in Bangkok Thailand. As always, ... Continue reading

Gay Nightlife in Bangkok Thailand

This is a short guest post written by George. George is a man who we can say…swings three ways. He wrote up ... Continue reading

No More Hip Hop Music in Bangkok’s Nightlife – Blame it on the Drugs?

I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never really been a fan of house and techno music. A few years back, you cou... Continue reading

Where to Fix a Broken Laptop Computer in Bangkok – Pantip Plaza

The other day I was taking a shower and hear something very loudly crash to the floor…followed by the words,... Continue reading

What Bangkok Nightclubs Are Open Past 2:30am – Spicy, Bossy, and Shock 39

Hey Guys, So I must apologize for an oversight of mine.  Since the coup, I’ve been letting our readers know... Continue reading

The 10 Best Dating Locations in Bangkok

Do you know the best Dating locations in Bangkok? Due to the fact that there are numerous reasons to date Thai... Continue reading

The Second Most Popular Escort Service in Bangkok

It’s been about almost two years since I’ve recommended an escort agency in Bangkok Thailand. And although... Continue reading

13 Awesome 5 Star Hotels in Bangkok Thailand | All Guest Friendly

Here are 13 of my favorite 5 star hotels in Bangkok Thailand.  Throughout my time in Thailand, I’ve s... Continue reading

Curfew in Bangkok Thailand – Thai Politics 101

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without internet access, you’ve probably heard about the current �... Continue reading

2014 Insanity Nightclub Review Bangkok Thailand – Disappointing

Hey Guys, Today I’m going to do a quick review for Insanity Nightclub in Bangkok Thailand. (Formally known a... Continue reading

Where to Party for SongKron in Bangkok Thailand – Thai New Years

Hey Guys, The Famous Thai New Years, known as SongKron, is upon us. If you’ve never experienced SongKron in ... Continue reading

A Very Good Bangkok Visa Run Service

As many of you know, “Visa Runs” are one of the most annoying things about living in Thailand.  Unless yo... Continue reading

Top 5 Gay Nightlife Spots in Bangkok to Avoid if You’re Straight

Bangkok is the best place in Thailand for gay life in general, but especially nightlife. With tons of shows, b... Continue reading

2014 Nana Plaza Complete Review – The Famous Thailand Redlight District

In this article you’ll find a complete review of Bangkok’s most famous redlight district for sex in Thaila... Continue reading

The Best After Party Clubs For Good Girls in Bangkok Thailand

Around 2:30am – 3:00am all of the regular nightclubs will close.  Then it is the time of the night where yo... Continue reading

The Best After Party Clubs In Bangkok For Whores, Hookers, and Prostitutes

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “Whoring in Thailand is a lot of fun!” So if you have some ca... Continue reading

The 5 Best Bangkok Nightclubs for Good Girls

Tired of having to “pay to play”?  If so, check out some of these nightclubs full of “good girls” in ... Continue reading

Blowjob Bars in Bangkok – Sex in Thailand

There is a new kind of bar popping up in Bangkok these last few years known as, “Blowjob Bars.” Most men c... Continue reading

The 5 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok Thailand

The below is a list of the best shopping locations in Bangkok Thailand.  Please note that not all these place... Continue reading

2013 Complete Bangkok Nightclub Reviews

If you’ve ever wondered what nightclubs you should visit in Thailand and which ones you should skip… you�... Continue reading

Travel in Thailand – From Bangkok To Other Major Cities by Flight, Bus, and Train

When traveling within Thailand from Bangkok, you usually have two options: The Fast Way (Flying) The Slow Way ... Continue reading

The Best Nightclub in Bangkok Thailand – 2013 Review

I often get asked, “What’s the best Nightclub in Bangkok for good girls.  And although the nightlife is c... Continue reading

How to Buy Tailored Made Suits in Bangkok Thailand

At end of my first trip to Thailand in 2007, I bought a custom made tailored suit for 100usd. While a friend b... Continue reading

How Much Does an Epic Weekend in Bangkok Thailand Cost? [VIP]

I have some friends coming for a weekend of fun in Bangkok and they asked me what to budget for.  They don’... Continue reading

The Best Escort Agency in Bangkok Thailand

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about in-call escorts in Bangkok Thailand.  The thing is, not every... Continue reading

What Are Gentlemen Clubs in Thailand? And Are They Worth It?

I’ll tell you, Gentlemen clubs really aren’t my style. However, if you have money that you want to spend, ... Continue reading

Marco’s Guest Post – 5 Awesome Days in Bangkok Thailand

Hey Everyone, We have a guest post from Marco. Marco has never been to Thailand before. However, with the help... Continue reading

Wood’s Thailand Guest Post – First Time in Bangkok, Samui, Phangan, and Pattaya

Below is a guest post from the newest member of the Gods of Thailand, Wood. This is about his first time visit... Continue reading

List of After Party Clubs in Bangkok Thailand – Late Night Clubs Open After 2:30am

They say Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps, not true. Bangkok Thailand is where you can easily party ... Continue reading

Got to Love Bangkok!

The plan was to stay in Bangkok for three days then head to Koh Samui. However, why leave when there is so muc... Continue reading

Luxury Serviced Apartments in Bangkok Thailand

The time has come for a few of the members of the Gods of Thailand community to return to Bangkok where some ... Continue reading

Nightlife, Party Life, and the Women of Bangkok Thailand

The capitol of Thailand features some of the best nightlife in the world.  Every night of the week you’ll f... Continue reading

Bangkok Thailand – The Famous Party City

Bangkok, not only is it the capitol of Thailand, but it is the place where you will find every type of Thai wo... Continue reading

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