7 Fun Activities for Kids in Bangkok Thailand

7 Fun Activities for Kids in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m visiting Bangkok Thailand with the family next month. Any advice on where to take the kids for good clean fun?”

There are plenty of fun activities for kids in Bangkok. Whether they want to explore the city, see some animals, have an adventure, or take it easy, there is always something they will enjoy. This list shows just a few of the options you have for keeping kids entertained during a trip to Thailand’s capital.

Bangkok Flight Simulator

Ever wanted to fly a Boeing 737? You and your kids will get a chance – sort of – if you visit Silom. Kids and adults will both be thrilled by this fun simulator. Climb into the cockpit and get ready to take off. This simulator is perfectly designed and feels very realistic.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Located at the Siam Discovery Centre, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, like its counterparts worldwide, features amazingly lifelike wax figures of famous individuals from around the world. You can touch and even hug the figures, so get ready to pose with some of these fun sculptures.

Surf at Flow Rider

Head to Sukhumvit to go surfing at Flow Rider, a cool wave machine that will give kids the opportunity to experience the sport before going to the ocean. It is a great way to get an introduction to surfing or wakeboarding. Thanks to remarkable wave-creating technology, this activity will be fun for the whole family.

Bangkok Snake Farm

The Bangkok Snake Farm gives kids the chance to see amazing creatures like cobras and vipers up close. It’s perfectly safe and they will be able to learn about the snakes and the farm’s venom extraction program. Located at the Red Cross Institute, this farm is a fascinating destination.

Siam Water Park

Siam Water Park is a great way to cool off and let the kids have fun. With plenty of pools, rides, and slides, this water park will give kids the chance to play and maybe take on a new challenge. The park is totally up to date and you can comfortably spend the whole day here. Don’t worry, adults are welcome on nearly all the rides, so everybody can have a good time together.

Siam Ocean World

Head to the Siam Paragon to visit Siam Ocean World. This impressive aquarium is located beneath the mall and is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. See everything from tiny fish to sharks. Kids will love the opportunity to get close to these fascinating creatures and they will be sure to learn something new, too.

Kidzania at the Siam Paragon

Along with Siam Ocean World, the Siam Paragon is home to Kidzania. This fun entertainment and play area is sure to let the kids have fun and release some entertainment. They might even learn something! Head here to take advantage of a safe, entertaining environment.

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