How to Buy Tailored Made Suits in Bangkok Thailand

buy suit in thailand

At end of my first trip to Thailand in 2007, I bought a custom made tailored suit for 100usd. While a friend bought a lower quality suit for 300usd.

Every year when I go back to the United States for the holidays, I buy custom tailored dress shirts for 24usd each.

The suit I left in America, while the dress shirts I break out when I hit the clubs in Bangkok.

The value for tailored made clothing in Thailand is incredible. There a few scams to watch out for, but most tailors charge pennies on the dollar than your local tailor shop back home would.

And besides, it doesn’t matter if you are overweight or skinny, wearing fitted clothes increases your physical appearance drastically. Which in end means more success at work and more success with women whether you are in Thailand or not.

Below I’ll go over a few tips for buying tailor made clothes in Thailand.

What NOT to do when Buying a Suit:

– Never let a taxi driver or tuk tuk driver convince you to visit a tailor shop that his “brother” or “friend” owns.

The driver may offer you a free taxi ride, but the cost at the tailor shop will be 3x what you should be charged. (Not to mention, these are VERY high pressured sales people that are VERY good at making you feel like shit if you refuse to buy anything.)

What TO do when Buying a Suit in Thailand:

– This is one of the only times that I recommend visiting high tourist areas in Bangkok. In places like Khao San Road or Sukhumvit, you can get some good prices in suits that are solid quality.

– The prices are not set in stone. Always negotiate. Don’t pay any more than 1,000 baht (30usd) for a tailored dress shirt. I usually pay around 800 baht (24usd) but I’m sure there are more inexpensive places available.

– The tailors are good salesmen. They will try to negotiate different prices for different fabric. First have them show you the best two fabric and pick the one you like. Then set your price. Be prepared to walk away if they don’t meet it.

– Never pay in full. Never leave more than a 50% deposit.

– Try it on and send it back if the “fit” is not perfect. Even with the tailor I use every year in Bangkok, I still have to send back the shirt at least once to get it refitted.

– Buy 2 days before your departure so you have time to correct the fit.

What Tailor Do I Recommend:

There are probably a 1000+ different tailor shops throughout Thailand. After looking around the Sukhumvit area, I found one that I liked and stuck with it. I doubt it’s the best shop in Bangkok, but it’s defiantly not the worst.

They are pretty straight forward without the annoying used car salesman mentality. Note, I have no affiliate with this shop. This is just the one I use.

Needle King

On Sukhumvit street in Bangkok between Soi 10 and Soi 12.

Never bought a suit from them, so I’m not entirely sure. But I wouldn’t pay more than 150usd per suit (4,500 baht).

After minor negotiations, I always get two fitted dress shirts every year for 800 baht each (24usd).

Anyways gentlemen, hope this helps,

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