How to Get Real Limousine Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

How to Get Real Limousine Service in Bangkok and Pattaya
Hi Gods of Thailand,

I’m coming to Thailand with some friends and want a limousine to pick us up at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport? Any advice on where I can find a legit Limo service and how much it will cost?

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Thanks for your question.

I’ll start by mentioning that a real Limousine in Bangkok and Pattaya is NOT cheap. There are 2 companies that offer Limousine service in Thailand that I recommend. And they both share the only two Limos in Bangkok. (Most companies in Thailand use the words “Limousine Service” for regular cars. Which I find to be very misleading.)

Real Limousine Service in Bangkok starts at 13,500 baht (380usd) for Suvarnabhumi airport pickup. And you can reserve their services for one-way trips or rent by the hour.

Here are the two companies I recommend:

My Bangkok Limousine

Name: My Bangkok Limousine

Based out of Pattaya, this company specializes in offering VIP Limousine Service in Pattaya and Bangkok. They have an easy to use website with pricing clearly posted.

Party Bangkok

Name: Party Bangkok

They offer a wide variety of VIP services from Limousines to full fledge wild private Villa parties. This is a good and legit company that I highly recommend. They specialize in custom bachelor parties and VIP events.

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From my research, both companies offer just about the same prices. If you are looking for only Limo service, go with My Bangkok Limousine. If you are interested in escorts, VIP tables, yacht parties, etc… then go with Party Bangkok Limo Service.

Enjoy paradise,
-Gods of Thailand

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