Nightlife, Party Life, and the Women of Bangkok Thailand

The capitol of Thailand features some of the best nightlife in the world.  Every night of the week you’ll find clubs packed with beautiful Thai women.

No matter the type of Thai girl you like, you’ll never run out of options in this city.  In fact, your biggest problem will be deciding if you want to go home alone or not…

The Main Types of Women in Bangkok and Where to Find Them:

1- Good Girls

In Bangkok you’ll find the biggest supply of good girls that Thailand has to offer.  If you go to the right clubs, over 75% of the women will be students or have a regular day job.

Where to find Good Girls in Bangkok:
– RCA (Royal City Avenue)
– Demo / Funky
– Scratch Dog

2- Freelance Girls

As with all places in Thailand, you’ll have many freelance girls hanging around the clubs.  One thing that separates Bangkok from most other places in Thailand is that most of the freelance girls will go home with you at no cost.  Just play it right.

Where to find Freelance Girls in Bangkok:
– Q Bar
– Insomnia
– Climax
– Bossy Club
– Spicy
– Bed Super Club
– Narz
– (Just about any club that foreigners go to)

3- Bar Girls / GoGo Dancers

Love bar girls and stripers who dance for your entertainment?  If so, then Bangkok is the place for you.

Where to go for Bar Girls and GoGo Dancers in Bangkok:
– Nana Plaza (Like a 3 story outdoor mall full of GoGo bars)
– Soi Cowboy (An entire street dedicated dancing women)
– Patpong Road – Home of the Pussy Show

(Warning: Patpong Road is a tourist trap.  They are known for conning tourists by offering free entrance, then not letting them leave without paying 1,000 baht for a drink.  Many of my friends, including myself have been screwed by multiple places on Patpong Road.  Go to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy instead.)

4- Foreign Girls

Bangkok is not the best place to go for foreign girls.  However, they can still be found around the major tourist areas.

Where to go for Foreign Girls in Bangkok:
– Khao San Road (Most bars or clubs along this road.  Beware though, this road is crawling with lady boys)
– Day time.  If you like foreign girls, it’s best to meet them during the day and set up a meeting later that night.  Foreign girls can always be found near shopping centers.  Start with MBK and Khao San Road.

5- Working and Massage Girls

There are plenty of Gentlemen’s Clubs and body massage places throughout Bangkok.  Annies Body Massage is a good place to start out your night.

6- High Society Girls

You will probably never encounter these girls unless you speak fluent Thai and/or are connected with powerful Thai people.  As noted in: 4 Types of Thai Girls, these girls either come from very wealthy families, popular movie stars, or are royalty.  Your only way in is through association with well connected Thais.

Where to go:
– Upscale Thai parties and gatherings
– Occasionally Demo or Funky in the VIP areas

Put on a shirt, a nice pair of shoes, and grab a package of condoms.  Because tonight in Bangkok is your time to be the King!

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  • lucky31 says:

    Good girls aren’t so hard. See a girl you like? Lift your glass in her direction, say “cheers” and off you go – there’s your shot. MAKE IT COUNT!

  • hulk says:

    Hello KoT , and thanks for your website.
    is RCA name of a street or It’s name of a club?
    I kinda confuse and I be appreciate if U tell 🙂

  • Martin says:

    I get the feeling the ‘good girl’ types usually don’t talk to foreigners much without a short introduction by somebody they know. That is even if you get along very well, after a few minutes of talking there will always be a certain distance and those girls won’t open up much unless somebody in their group knows you. How to deal with this situation?

    Another problem I see with the good girl types. They usually frequent Thai style venues of the ‘stuffed with tables until the door’ type. How can you start a conversation in a place like that? Seems a bit difficult to do as you have to invite yourself to their table and into their group.

    Would be great if you could shed some light on this. Thanks in advance…

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