5 Best GoGo Bars in Bangkok Thailand

best gogo bars bangkok

Here is a list of our 5 favorite GoGo bars / clubs in Bangkok. You will find bars from all three of Bangkok’s famous red-light districts: Patpong Road, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy.

Club Electric Blue (Patpong)

I don’t normally recommend much in the Patpong area due to the very annoying scammers and hustlers which are everywhere. Patpog as whole tends to be a shit hole. But Club Electric Blue has changed my opinion. This is a solid GoGo bar with pretty good looking girls and cheap drinks. Although it is not located on the main Patpong Soi…which is why it’s actually a legit establishment.

Angelwitch (Nana Plaza)

No trip the Bangkok’s Redlight districts would be complete without a trip to Nana Plaza. And Angelwitch should be your first stop. Every hour they feature sexy shows with sexy women. I’m not even going to try to describe these shows, but I will tell you that whenever I show this GoGo club to Thailand newcomers, they never leave disappointed.

Spankys (Nana Plaza)

Next to Angel Witch in Nana Plaza, stop here for a drink. Girls spanking each other, sexy women in showers, and much more can be had here. You may only plan on stopping by for one drink, but before you know it you’ll be well past your third.

Baccara (Soi Cowboy)

Baccara GoGo is the most popular GoGo in Soi Cowboy and for good reason. The GoGo is a two story establish full of girls on each level. No trip to Soi Cowboy is complete without stopping by here.

Long Gun (Soi Cowboy)

For me this is an “oldie but a goodie”. I’ve liked this place ever since I first arrived in Bangkok over 5 years ago. This has always been one of my first stops in Soi Cowboy because the women are almost always sexy and the drink prices are reasonable.

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