5 Cool 24 Hour Coffee Shops in Bangkok

5 Cool 24 Hour Coffee Shops in Bangkok

As famous as Bangkok is for wild adventures and killer nightlife, sometimes you need something a little more chilled out. The coffee shops in Bangkok are a good place to chill, get some work done, and maybe meet a girl or two.

Here’s a short list of my favorite 24 hour coffee shops in Bangkok:

FU.5 Coffee

This place is the antithesis of the typical Thai nightlife – it’s quiet, cozy, and features no alcohol. In terms of menu, think of it like a 24-hour Panera Bread: soups, sandwiches, baked goods, a few tasty entrees, and all kind of coffee drinks. The seating is spacious and comfortable, and there is no shortage of tables and power outlets for those who need to plug in and get something done in the middle of the night (or day).


Too Fast To Sleep

Insomniacs and night owls unite to keep this place (quietly) packed at all hours. Too Fast to Sleep has two floors: the first is primarily for dining, the second is for relaxing and reading. Either floor gives you the most important pair of amenities: free wifi and an available power outlet.


My Cafe the Library

This is a 24-hour coffee shop has a rustic feel and is lined with bookshelves. This one is particularly known for its pastries, so try to eat and drink here if you can. My Cafe the Library features hundreds of books, newspapers, and magazines for to check out, and plenty of outdoor seating if you’d like to enjoy a Frappe under the sun – or the moon.


Think Tank

Think Tank fancies itself a gathering place for creative people – many of whom are working on projects together. In addition to your standard cafe seating, there are private group rooms and an “out of the box” area with bean bag seating.


Hollys Coffee

If you’ve ever been to South Korea or seen a Korean drama, this is a staple. Turns out the famed Korean coffee chain has made its way to Thailand and it brings a Korean specialty with it: bingsu. A shaved ice concoction with a variety of toppings and condensed milk, bingsu basically works as a variation of ice cream that gets sweeter as it melts. You can enjoy bingsu along with your usual slate of coffee and pastries at all hours – and of course, wifi and power outlets are easily available.


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