5 Tips for Partying in Thailand Without Looking Like a Stupid Foreigner

Partying in a foreign country is often fun but can be quite different from what you are used to. Every country will have its own “rules” and “language” for its nightlife.

Since you probably already stick out by looking white as a ghost, here are 7 tips to help you with Thailand’s nightlife:

1- Table Location is Everything

Because you won’t have multiple trips to the bar, you will be at your table all night so you don’t want to be in the back corridor, wedged between the toilets and the fire exit. A table with lots of other tables around ensures lots of chances to mingle. Get there early, reserve or give a tip.

Get a table near other tables with girls. A lot of the time, when you are partying in Bangkok the girls you meet will be the ones with tables right next to you.

2- Dress Up

There are many high-end clubs where stern-faced bouncers won’t let you in if you are in your backpacking gear. Don’t show up to a club wearing shorts and flip flps.

3- Bottle Service is Standard

Waiting to get served at the bar is only for Westerners. In Thailand, you get a bottle, a bucket of ice and some mixers at your table. No more “I’m just going to the bar. You want a drink?”

4- Be Uncomfortable

Don’t travel to the other side of the world just to go to Irish pubs. Yes you can find the food, drink and music that you know well, but why not have some different experiences? Travel will change you and open your mind to the extent that you feel uncomfortable.

5- Pay The “Farang” Tax

Thai’s will often get in the club for free while foreigners will have to pay cover. Don’t make a scene about this or you look even more like a loud, obnoxious foreigner.

This is just an extra “tax” for being a foreigner. Illegal in most countries, but expected in Thailand. Foreigners pay more.

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