Gay Nightlife in Bangkok Thailand

gay nightlife in bangkok

This is a short guest post written by George. George is a man who we can say…swings three ways. He wrote up a couple articles about the gay nightlife in Bangkok Thailand which may or may not be of interest to many of our readers. But whether you’re gay or not, I find it’s good to have an idea of what’s going on with the other side…even if it’s just to know which areas to avoid.

Enter The Mind of George

Whether you’re lesbian, gay, or transsexual, you’ll find acceptance in Thailand, which has been tolerant of all sexual preferences for far longer than most cultures. The country has become a hot-spot for gay tourists, and the best gay nightlife spots can be found in Bangkok.

One of the best yearly events in Bangkok is the Gay Festival, first held in 1999. There is a huge parade complete with elaborately costumed participants, amazing and complicated floats, and even more lavish decorations. It’s a big event that is usually held in early November or late October.

The center of gay nightlife in Bangkok is located around Soi 2 (a small alleyway) and Soi 4. Soi 4 is the mellower of the two, featuring restaurants and pubs that aren’t quite as wild as the ones over at Soi 2, which is the dance and show scene.

If you’re looking for some even sexier surroundings, check out Patpong and Suriwong, two areas not far away that encourage naughtiness. Also look for Lamsalee, also known as Soi Ramkhamhaeng 89/2, where you can find a lot of clubs perfect for dancing to the music. Drinks are cheaper here, so you’ll find a lot of local college students hanging out there.

The gay nightlife in Bangkok can be easily found or avoided. Thailand is the land of smiles no matter your preference.

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    Seven, you nasty, sneaky, evil little butt-pirate in disguise! I questioned your sexuality with the ladyboy entries. Now, I definately know you’re a fudge-packer!!! Dude, just come out of the closet. It’s ok. TIT = This is Thailand.

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