Bangkok Airport Rail – Fast Travel from Airport to City Center

Bangkok Airport Rail – Travel from Airport to City Center

“I heard that there is a train from Bangkok Airport to the city center. Can you tell me more about this?”

On the first floor of Bangkok International Airport, visitors will find the Airport Rail Link service, an incredibly convenient and efficient way to get from this airport, also called Suvarnabhumi International, to downtown Bangkok or vice versa. It takes between fifteen and twenty minutes to make this journey. The rail link allows you to do so in much greater comfort and with greater speed than other transportation methods.

There are six stations between the airport and the last stop in the city at Phayathai Station. There are three lines that end at various station terminals within the city. Phayathai Station is where the SA City Line starts while the both Phayathai and Makkasan start off the SA Express lines. In short, the rail link can take you where you want to go on your journey to and from the airport. It is especially nice if you only have a little luggage.

The maximum weight for checked baggage at the City Air Terminal (at Makkasan) is 32 kilograms. You can check your luggage here for up to twelve hours before actually boarding your train, but you must purchase a ticket to ride the SA Express line in order to do so. This service is available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

You can purchase two different kinds of tickets for the rail link. A Smart Pass is better if you are going to be staying in Bangkok for some time. These passes are prepaid. Most travelers are better off purchasing tokens, which are each good for a single ride. Currently, the SA City Line price is determined by the specifics of your journey. The base fee is fifteen baht and increases according to the details of your trip. You won’t be charged more than forty-five baht, however. In contrast, the SA Express line is 150 baht regardless of your journey.

The rail link operates from 6 a.m. to midnight.

The two express routes are the Phayathai-Suvarnabhumi and the Makkasan-Suvarnabhumi. Both are non-stop and trains arrive at fifteen minute intervals. The Makkasan route is just a few minutes shorter.

The SA City Line stops at six stations and thus takes about half an hour. Like the express lines, trains come at fifteen minute intervals.

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