No More Hip Hop Music in Bangkok’s Nightlife – Blame it on the Drugs?

No More Hip Hop Music in Bangkok’s Nightlife
I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never really been a fan of house and techno music. A few years back, you could mostly find this type of music in Bangkok’s underground “drug clubs”. While I can’t say that I hate “house” music as much as did in the past, I do prefer a blend of hip hop / R&B / top 40’s when I’m out partying in the main stream clubs.

But in the last year or two, times are changing. The biggest clubs in Bangkok like Route 66 and Levels are all in the transition of changing their music to a House blend.

Is this just a case of times changing…or is there something more going on? Can you connect this with the huge increase of drug use in Bangkok’s nightlife?

Personally, I believe this to be the case. There has been a HUGE influx of drug use in Bangkok’s nightclubs beyond your wildest dreams.

Interest Fact: When Thai people describe “using” drugs. They use the word “play” instead. A Thai person will say, “You play with drugs last night?” Instead of, “Did you take or use drugs last night?” It’s a subtle difference, but a very powerful one.

Drug Use = No More Hip Hop Music???

Basically yes. When you’re flying on MDMA, house music simply “feels” better to party with.

For those of you who have been partying in Bangkok for 5+ years, I’m sure you’ve notice this change. The nightlife of Bangkok has changed. No more is there just a “small minority” slipping away to the bathroom every 20 minutes to get a “bump” of coke. Now if you keep your eyes open, you can see a huge majority slyly sliding a pill into their mouth.

Even my beloved Route 66 is making the change of music by blending the two genres…oh so sad.

So while the popularity of “my type of clubbing music” is slipping away, there are still a few locations still features my beloved music.

Where Is There Hip Hop Music in Bangkok

1- Mixx Club
Mixx Nightclub still has two sections to it, House and Hip Hip. So you have your choice of music.

2- Levels Club
Levels Nightclub on Soi 11 will still have special “Hip Hop” parties on certain nights. For every other night you will see a blend.

3- Slim
Mostly a Thai club at RCA, but they do have an awesome DJ playing every night. Flix is the sister “drug club” while this is the drinking and hip hop club.

4- RCA Route 66
Before 1am you will still find a blend, but it will be much heavier on the Hip Hop music. After 1am, they will be playing a lot of House.

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    Glad to see all is well in Thailand. I hope that SIGMO is ready for delivery next year. Why? It will help your business if your customers can translate THAI.
    Keep me posted on life on the other side of the world.
    I envy you.
    I saw my EX friend from Thailand. What a jerk!
    That is another story.


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