Sex Guide – How to Meet and Sleep with College Girls in Thailand

Sex Guide - How to Meet and Sleep with College Girls in Thailand
I’ll tell you guys, I ABSOLUTELY love Thai girls between the ages of 18 and 23.  And because of this, I am a master when it comes to meeting Thai university girls.  They are sexy, young, and I love the school uniform they have to wear…inside and outside of the bedroom.

If you know where AND how to meet these girls, you will never have to worry about being alone in Thailand.

So here we go, this is the Gods of Thailand guide for meeting sexy Thai university girls in Thailand…without needing to know one word of Thai:

#1 Online Dating

I’ll be honest, the older I get, the lazier I am when it comes meeting Thai girls.  This doesn’t mean I’m any less effective at “pulling college pussy”, it just means that I’m more efficient.

The fact of the matter is, by paying $30 a month to the top two online dating websites in Thailand, you are guaranteed to meet college girls. (As I and many of our readers can attest to.)

If you are spending at least a week in Thailand and sign up to Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid, you can EASILY sleep with at least two college girls.

Narrow down by the age you want, send the same message to each girl with a “slight variation”, wait for the response, get the girl on Line / Phone Number / Skype info, video call to make sure she looks good, and then set up the date.

It really is that easy!  

Click here to sign up with Thai Friendly for free

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#2 Khao San Road

Khao San Road in Bangkok isn’t just for cheap backpackers and hippies…well it kind of is.  During the day this place looks like that lamest tourist destination in Asia. But at night Khao San Road is packed with foreigners and Thai university girls taking advantage of the cheapest drink prices in Bangkok.

Come here on Friday and Saturday nights and you’ll see what I mean.  The clubs and streets will be packed, and if you approach the girls in a non-backpacker-cheapskate way,  you can pull some very attractive college girls.

The one downside about this place is idiot English and Australians on their “gap year” who get loud, stupidly drunk, eventually throwing up in public, and making foreigners look bad.

Also watch out for Ladyboys here.  Khao San Road has some of the “trickiest” Ladyboys in all of Thailand.

But hey, the good nightlife of Khao San Road far outweighs the bad.

#3 Route 66 at RCA

For 10+ years Route 66 has been one of the top destinations where Thai girls go to party on the weekends in Bangkok.  While the cheapest university girls will stick with Khao San Road, at RCA you will find that the girls are a little more classy.  Not much, but instead of sipping on 300 baht buckets (9usd), here the girls will be sipping on 2,000 baht bottles of whiskey (60usd).

And unlike Khao San Road, most of the clubs on RCA street do NOT allow Ladyboys inside nor is this a big prostitution place.  So when you are vibing with your girl, there is a VERY good chance she won’t bring up the most dreaded question, “How much will you pay me?”

#4 Shopping Malls (MBK, Termainl 21, Siam Paragon, Etc…)

For far too long I mostly only met Thai girls online or at nightclubs.  But as of a couple years ago, that drastically changed.

There is A LOT of value to be had when it comes to meeting girls at shopping malls in Thailand.  Just like everywhere else in the world, Thai girls like to meet up with their friends at Malls.

And many of them will come directly from class…so they are still wearing that very sexy school uniform which makes my heart melt and my dick hard.

Basically, go to any shopping mall on weekdays between 3:30pm – 5:30pm and discover what I mean.

The approach is a little trickier here because she will often be with her friends who will pull her away.  So you need to act fast!

As soon as you get eye contact or a small smile, approach.  Start with something simple like, “Hey, what’s your name?”  Say you have to go meet a friend, but you’d like to chat with her, and then ask for her Line / phone number.

Send her a message a couple hours later, and eventually setup the date or invite her over to movie night at your home.  (Since she’s a student, offering to pay for her taxi to and from will be a big help.)

Sex with Thai College Girls Recap

Listen, I’m not one of those guys who will tell you that just by stepping off the plane Thai girls will just offer you blowjobs by the handful just because you are a foreigner.

Getting free pussy in Thailand is EASY, but it’s not that easy.  Just put in a little work and you will be good to go.

Keep it simple!

No matter where you are in Thailand, once you get a smile or decent eye contact…approach.  And don’t worry, no matter what you look like there will always be many girls who will give you that initial approach invitation.  The rest is “up to you”!

Getting laid in Thailand by beautiful college girls really is that simple!

Enjoy paradise!
-Gods of Thailand

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  • murat k. says:

    you are really wrong man, what are you some kind of tourist attraction add or something it gives false information my best advice is just to go bars and seize girls, there is nothing better than that you can observe a girl for a time and kinda have a clue what she is and you may get lucky. but meeting at the malls,the fast approach thing maybe she will give you a number just to see youu gone

    • This depends on who you are and how you approach.

      For me example, if I have eye contact before I approach, then I’m guaranteed a 100% success ratio for the date. If I don’t have eye contact, I go in soft making it clear that I’m not hitting on them, just looking for assistance with something. Then once they are helpful, I smile, make them smile, then get the number.

      But if you go in acting like a stupid drunk “farang” who is interrupting the girls why they are studying or involved in a deep conversation, then this is different.

      It’s all about HOW you approach. Many guys in Thailand don’t understand this.

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