2013 Complete Bangkok Nightclub Reviews

bangkok nightclub review

If you’ve ever wondered what nightclubs you should visit in Thailand and which ones you should skip… you’re not alone.

We’ve spend years researching this exact question and now you have our answer…

Don’t waste your time at shitty clubs full of ugly girls or those that only like Thai guys.  Go to the night clubs where attractive Thai women go to meet men just like you.

Below are reviews of every club that we consistently go to and our no-bullshit description of what it’s really like.



Route 66 (RCA)*
One of our favorite clubs in Bangkok for Friday and Saturday nights.  Bottles are cheap (45usd) and this club attracts attractive university students.  Weekdays are hit or miss.  However, weekends will be completely packed.  Get there before midnight to claim a well-placed table outside.

Levels (Soi 11)*
Our pick for the best nightclub for 2013.  Come here on Friday and Saturday nights before midnight.  You’ll find many beautiful “good girls” looking to meet foreigners, but be sure to dress to impress.  The women here tend to have good paying jobs are classy.  Dress to impress.

No cover charge.

Insanity – Formally known as Insomnia (Sukhumvit Soi 12)
Still one of our top freelancer clubs.  Great place to go on weekdays.  Weekends tend to be filled with too many men.  Good choice for Sunday to Thursdays.

Narz (Sukhumvit Soi 23)
Has potential on Friday and Saturdays, however has recently turned into an only Thai friendly club.  If you want to meet women, stay away from the downstairs club and focus on the upstairs club.  If there aren’t many people by midnight, cut your loses and move to a different club.

Slim (RCA)
Hot girls here on weekdays, completely packed on weekends.  You will hit a medium amounts of Thai racism.  All good girls.  No hookers.

Not easy to pull pussy, but the effort will be worth it if you succeed.

Flix (RCA)
The drug club of RCA.  About 70% of the people in this club are high on E or something else.  Also, pretty racist against foreigners.  Don’t waste your time here.

Qbar (Soi 11)
Going downhill.  This club attracts overpriced hookers and gold diggers.  Small and fairly boring.  Has some potential on weekends or when events are being promoted.

Bed Supper Club (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
Overpriced drinks and women.  Cool design but that’s about it.  There are much better and cheaper places in Bangkok than this Bed Supper Club.

Climax (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
Not what it was.  The women are getting less attractive and now Climax Club is only attracting low quality hookers and very few good girls.

Funky Villa (Thong Lor)
Thai racist club.  If you want to feel what it is like to be completely out of place and get shut down MANY times until you find a girl who will talk with you, come here.

Safe House (Thong Lor)
VERY hot Thai college girls are here.  But expect a massive amount of Thai racism.  As with all clubs in Thong Lor, don’t waste your time.  Go where you are appreciated.


Scratch Dog – Windsor Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 20)
This is my go to after party club in Bangkok.  This club is good until 5am and is full of good girls with a few hookers.  Not the easiest place to pull girls, but if you have some game and okay looks, you can usually get a 50/50 closing ratio.  This year I’ve been having a VERY high closing ratio with “good girls” at Scratch Dog.

Mixx (973 Phloen Chit Road)*
Always liked this club.  Caters to businessmen traveling to Bangkok.  Drinks will start from 200 baht (6usd) and the women are pretty good looking.  Filled mostly with freelancers wanting around 2,000 – 5,000 baht a night (60 – 150usd).  This is my go to late night hooker club.

Insanity – Formally known as Insomnia (Sukhumvit Soi 12)
Still of our top freelancer clubs.  Great place to go on weekdays.  Weekends tend to be filled with way too many men.  Good choice for Sunday to Thursdays.

If the girls aren’t hot enough, start hitting on the staff who are paid to dance on the stages.  Don’t tip them, just buy her a drink or two and take them out to get something to eat when the club closes.

Climax (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
Not what it was.  The women are getting less and less attractive and is currently only attracting low quality hookers with very few good girls.

Spicy Club (Rong Muang 1)
Only bother coming here when the police are doing their yearly elections and closing down 99% percent of the clubs at 3am.  Then everyone will come here.  For all other cases, skip this club.  Mostly “okay” looking hookers, nothing special.

After 2am, this place will be full of hookers, but nothing in the top tier.

Bossy Club (Off of Sri Ayudhaya)
Pretty much the same review as Spicy Club, except that this place has pool tables.

Bash (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
More bark than bite.  This club looks cool but constantly under delivers.

Whip (Thong Lor)
Pretty much exactly the same as Funky Villa.  Except later in the night a few attractive Thai girls will loosen up and you “may” have a chance.  But expect a VERY low closing ratio.

Liquid (Nana Soi 4)
Don’t waste your time here.  Only unattractive hookers from Nana Plaza.

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  • BNG says:

    I’m really interested to know why there is no reference to Ku-De-Ta? The reviews on Trip Advisor seem to suggest this should be on the list to visit. No?

  • hanb says:

    Never heard a bigger bullshit about the clubs. I guess the author is a guy that can’t adopt to a different culture and thinks he will be accepted in Funky, Wip, Muse or Narz while behaving like a total alien. Dude, if you want to go to Thai “only” clubs, then learn how to behave like a Thai and not like some expat: Learn the language and especially the body language and the way how to approach girls. Doing it in a western style will put off 90% of non-hookers. I never had problems talking to upper class girls / uni students when you approach them จีบเฉยๆ (flirt a little) and พูดแบบสุภาพบุรุษ (talk like a gentleman). People who really want to improve their expat living should adopt to the Thai way of life, get some hetero Thai male friends with the same mindset and then practice picking up girls from a Gentlemen club like montecarlobangkok

  • Gigi germain says:

    Im agree its a good place. But say the people do what they want whici makes it a good place im not agree that make id check for just some.nationalities its fair. Anyway im.not the only and not the last for which one this think will happen. Whatever for sure its a great despite this problem

  • Gigi germain says:

    Try for the third time to go Levels again just me the idiot staff choose to check my ID they didnt take ik.consideration my friend of course they are white. But three time same problem on that time I argue with the staff who.were unavailableto give good explanations. Oh yes this reply was funny:” one of my friend told i more younger than her you never check my ID and the staf its a hasaed and you have a beard. So should I wear a beard to go in?”. Yes in Levels they are racist and rude just not me. I discover also again indian, sri lanka or whetever. So there is so much better place wip, mixx, glow, frankivillanand whatevever. Levels is the only place where i have got this problem.

    • I’ve had them check my ID a few times too. But just wait till the manager comes down (bald head white guy) and he will probably let you in…if you look older than 20.

      I always try to bring my drivers license when I go to the clubs in Bangkok because of the random ID check. But when you don’t have it, I can almost always talk my way inside if the staff are foreigners.

      • gigi germain says:

        Thanks for your reply Gods of Thailand. You too but its not fair at all and the staff were foreigner and this staff told my friend yes but you have a beard. I can understand there is ID check but always the same kind of people. People which age of 18 go in without ID check and me some excuse like she looks 15 ok I can look 22 but not 15 and all the time just me. Whatever a black face the same problem but he was with a thai girl she talked with the staff and bingo. Just in levels with the others place its okay. What a pity like still in 2014 we have to faced this problem. but thanks you gods of Thailand to keep me share this story as I saw some others posts in some others website like tripadvisor and there is the same kind of post about levels.

  • Loren Strait says:

    Climax has gotten even worse than what is stated here. The quality of the “girls” has gotten worse…emphasis on the quotes there. Place looked like the tranny ward of Sentinela prison, last Monday when I went. I was probably the only one in there that couldn’t palm a basketball. Take your money elsewhere fellas.

  • Markez says:

    Dear man,
    you are giving a help to men allover the world. .Thank You
    I have some questions if you please help. . I am coming to Bangkok next month
    1- Where Do I find clean girls to have a safe sex because I don’t trust condoms?
    2- if I chosen an oil massage do I am allowed to touch her Body? what about soapy one?
    3- last but not least is there any club serve private striptease followed by a happy Ending?

  • Thailand bro says:

    So what’s your strategy for getting numbers from the “racist” girls in the Thai clubs to convert into dates and bangs? If I go out at night I can’t be bothered with the shit show/ freelancers at Insanity or even soi 11 clubs these days, even if I can get a freebie from the pros.

    Transitioning into purely day game as I have to wake up early these days, but I do go to the Thai clubs once in a while. If I just get a number after approaching and some chatting in the Thai clubs, 15 – 25% will convert (6- 7s) here. For 7.5+ it’s 10-15%.

    Also any ideas on isolation from her friends at the table aside from “Let’s go to some place more quiet so we can talk/ let’s come to my table”? These are hit and miss.

    • To be honest, I really don’t waste my time with racists clubs in Bangkok anymore. You’re much better off using RCA and Levels as your stomping ground instead of Thong Lor clubs. (Doesn’t mean you can’t pull women in Thong Lor, it just comes down to if you want to put in the work of weeding through the racists girls and then her friends.

      The nights of me hanging out at Safe House with hot college girls and getting shut down 95% of the time are a thing of the past. Life is short, go where you are appreciated without having to fight an uphill battle.

      Isolation can be tough. First thing first, get the phone number. I find that once I have the phone number, I have a very high closing ratio with the use of texting and then meeting up to party later that week.

      You can also do the “I want to buy you a drink” thing.

      But I find that when you approach groups of Thai girls, you really only have two options:

      1- Get the phone number and bounce

      2- Stick with the group all night and then just “assume the close” at the end of the night with her getting into your taxi with you.

  • frankiet035 says:

    Let me start by saying I LOVE YOU ( I am not gay )haha
    I found your site just before my 2nd trip to Thailand and after reading most of your posts it saved me so mush time and money … so thankyou
    I am now planning my 3nd trip and i will be in Bangkok in Nov at 1am of Friday 08 but only for 16 hours and want be back till the 20 Nov .. so i was hopping you could help find the best Club to find hot girls and i don’t mine to pay – as i said i will be there Friday 8 of Nov at 1am – hope to be at a club at 3.30am
    Lov ya work

  • Dilo says:

    thank you very much for replaying me
    I really appreciate the effort you are doing & I’m sure whoever listen to your advices will be in a good mode 🙂
    I have recently came across one of the clubs, didn’t try yet, I just want your advice please
    The Pimp Bangkok

    • As a whole, Gentleman Clubs tend to be overly expensive and not really worth it (for most people).

      They are great if you want to do a bunch of drugs in a private room with girls who won’t sleep with you. But besides that, you’re usually better off sticking with nightclubs.

  • lucky31 says:

    Awesome guide, guys – this was incredibly useful in Bangkok a few weeks back. I found myself an absolute Honey at Levels, who also happened to be incredibly successful in her work. It was almost love. Almost. Also did well at Mixx (found a stunningly hot Good girl there too). I’m looking forward to my next trip to test out some more of the advised clubs.

    Excellent stuff!

  • Route then on to Scratch Dog is my preferred night out in BKK. I’ve had good luck picking up at Scratch Dog, though the last time I went I got absolutely shut out all night long, until I pulled a freebie off of a freelancer who was walking out of the lobby.

    Let’s just say looks wise she was on par with what you would expect to get for a freelancer still left roaming the streets at 5AM.

    Not my finest hour, but god damn it was a fun night!

  • eddy says:

    What im saying is if you had 3k to blow 1 night in bangkok what would you do? And will u b in bkk in november maybe we can work out a tour guide fee to party with us.

    • I would say you are wasting your money. There is absolutely no reason to spend 3K in one night in BKK, unless you are talking baht.

      You could go to QBar and get a bunch of expensive bottles and have girls all over you, but they will most likley be hookers and you will still have to pay them.

      BKK isn’t Vegas. You won’t find the same “poppin’ bottles” type of party atmosphere here.

      In the past you could go to Route and they had a giant bottle of Johnny Walker for 10k baht or something like that. Girls would take notice. Last time I checked, they don’t have it anymore though.

  • eddy says:

    When I mean epic I mean center of attention women everywhere etc etc. I was told if I spend 2k at qbar that would do it. What u think?

  • eddy says:

    Going to bangkok for first time in november. How much $ would I spend for 1 epic night? when I mean epic, I mean EPIC!!

    • As you can probably expect, “EPIC” means something different for everyone. The cheaper to medium route can be found here:


      Although, if you want to go ALL OUT, then it can add up. Shit, you can easily drop 1,000usd a night at a G -Club in Bangkok. But I wouldn’t recommend that. Go to Soi cowboy at 10pm and cash out the hottest girls for 150usd each for the night. Then take them partying with you to the clubs. Then start popping bottles and getting more and more girls to join the fun.

      Ball park, maybe 1,000usd. A tenth of the cost it would be in Vegas.

  • Tripp says:

    You all are definitely the Kings of Thailand. I love reading your posts. I am trying to find Insanity/Insomnia on a Google Map but I can’t find it. Do you have an address? I’m doing research for my Bangkok trip beginning in August.

  • Rah says:

    Now this is what I call a review. Nice one 7. This definitely helps!

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