About Thai Massages in Thailand

About Thai Massages in Thailand

“I’ve never had a massage in my life because it costs $100 an hour where I’m from. So what’s the deal with Thai massages?  Can you tell me a little bit out it?”

There is no better place to experience holistic health treatments and massages than Bangkok. Thai massage is one of the best known and loved types of massage in the world. More than this a therapeutic practice, Thai Massage has a close connection to the traditional Thai belief system.

If you have ever found yoga too difficult, try a Thai massage. Both therapies aim to health and strengthen the body while engaging in muscle relaxation. Both also have their spiritual features as well, but Thai massage is surely the easier of the two.

Thai massage depends upon the therapist focusing on pressure points in order to increase circulation and promote healing. Drawing on the practices of Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India, Thai massage is improves flexibility and blood flow to the target areas while simply feeling wonderful.

Usually, a Thai massage begins with the practitioner focusing on the feet, a major spot for influential pressure points (and muscle aches). Massages usually end at the face and head, where treatments are meant to clear the mind and reduce the appearance of aging while stimulating blood flow.

The amount and type of pressure applied to the various areas of the body vary according to what pressure points are being worked on. It is common for gentle circular motions to be used on the head, firm pressure to be applied on the feet, and rocking motions elsewhere.

So come on down to Thailand and enjoy an amazing one hour massage starting at 6usd!


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