2014 Nana Plaza Complete Review – The Famous Thailand Redlight District


In this article you’ll find a complete review of Bangkok’s most famous redlight district for sex in Thailand, Nana Plaza. Also included in this, you’ll find some information on Thailand’s GoGo Guru, Dave the Rave.

So let’s get to it:

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Dave The Rave – Thailand’s GoGo Guru

I’ve been in Thailand for nearly 5 years now. And although I don’t go out of my way to meet specific “gurus” in Thailand, I have come across a few in my time here. And one thing that I found is all that of these so called “gurus” will fall into one of three categories:

1- Frauds
2- Scammers
3- The Real Deal

However, I was looking forward to meeting Dave aka, Dave the Rave. You can check out his website here:

Outside of having a great website about Thailand, he’s been living in Thailand for 15+ years and has been actively visiting and reviewing the GoGo Clubs (strip clubs / brothels) of Bangkok for many years.

So this week I’ve finally had the chance to sit down with him, do some GoGo club hopping, and hit up a night club. And all I can say is, he is the real deal.

Dave the Rave knows just about everything there is to know about the GoGo’s in Bangkok…especially Nana Plaza which is his favorite. Anyways, without any further ado, let’s get to our review of Nana Plaza:

2014 Nana Plaza Review – Bangkok Thailand

If you have never been to Nana Plaza, imagine an outdoor three story shopping mall filled with strip clubs and bars full of Thai hookers.

Out of the three main Red Light Districts in Bangkok, Nana Plaza has always been my favorite for two reason:

1- Drinks are cheaper than Soi Cowboys. (Especially lady drinks.)

2- There aren’t hustlers and scammers in Nana Plaza. The same can’t be said for Patpong Road, which is scam central in Bangkok.

But on the other side of the coin, there is one major drawback to Nana Plaza… and that is the amount of ladyboys. Outside of the 5 ladyboy bars / gogo, it is crawling with freelance ladyboys in the dark alleys near the staircases.

But if you are new to Thailand and not sure how to tell the difference between a Thai ladyboy. Do these two things:

Step 1- Read this guide

Step 2- Simply ask. The ladyboys in Nana Plaza will not try to deceive you. Unlike the ladyboys in Patpong and Khao San Road.

Cost of Sex in Nana Plaza Bangkok

The days of $5 dollar blowjobs and $15 sex is long and gone in Thailand. Below is the “real” and “updated” cost of sex for Bangkok Thailand’s most popular Redlight District:

Sex One Time (Short Time)
Sex Cost: 1,500 – 2,000 baht (45 – 60usd)
Bar Fine: 700 baht (21usd)
Total: 2,500 baht (75usd)

The Entire Night (Long Time)
Sex Cost: 2,500 – 3,000 baht (75 – 90usd)
Bar Fine: 700 baht (21usd)
Total: 3,200 baht (100usd)

So basically, you are looking at about $75 for a quickie and $100 if you want her for the entire night.

(P.S. For those of you who are curious on how much the girl actually makes off this, the girl keeps the entire “sex cost” and usually gets around 300 baht of the bar fine. While the GoGo club she works at keeps the rest of the bar fine.)

What GoGo Clubs Should You Visit in Nana Plaza

#1 Angel Witch (Second Floor)
I’ve been recommending this place for years. Located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, Angel Witch has a huge selection of girls, but that is only part of the experience. Every night starting at 10pm, 11pm and midnight, Angel Witch puts on one of the best “sexy” shows you’ll see in Asia. It’s not a “Sex Show” or a “Ping Pong Show”, but they are exotic and choreographed shows.

I have shown many men Angel Witch, and they all agree that this is the best GoGo Club in all of Bangkok…if not Thailand. The “shows” are what make this place special.

If possible, try to catch the 11pm show, which is their best.

#2 Billboards (Third Floor)
Hands down this is my second favorite GoGo in Nana Plaza. Not only do they have a couple “sexy shows” which can slightly compare to Angel Witch, but they also have a hot tube in the middle of the club with one or two completely nude women soaping up and getting freaky.

(Note, there are two Billboard GoGos in Nana Plaza. Skip the one located on the first floor. I only recommend the Billboard GoGo on the third floor.

#3 Spanky’s (Second Floor / Next to Angel Witch)
The name of this GoGo is “Spankys”, and they live up to the name. Once you come here, you’ll know what I mean. Spanky’s has more than 40 dancers every night and some exclusive dance shows and shower acts.

The spanking and shower acts are what puts this GoGo on my top three list.

#4 Wild Thing (Third Floor)
This is the GoGo that I love and hate at the same time. What I love about it is, they have by far the hottest girls in Nana Plaza. HOWEVER, these girls are coyote dancers, NOT GoGo girls. Which means, they are not available for sex and do not get completely nude.

Coyote dancers have skimpy clothes on and are not “technically hookers”. However, you do have the option to pay a bar fine of 2000 baht (60usd) to take the girl to go party with you…if she agrees to leave work with you.

But if you want sex, you will need to negotiate that on your own. (Note: The typical bar fine for the rest of Nana Plaza is 700 baht (21usd). Which makes bar fining coyote girls at Wild Thing much more expensive.

Wild Thing is a place to get a drink, buy the girl a drink, and enjoy some of the hottest Thai girls in Nana Plaza. If she is fun and you get along, get her number or simply pay the money to take her to go party with you.

#5 Rainbow 4 (Second Floor)
I love the business model of this GoGo club in Nana Plaza. Load up two dance floors with sexy Thai women all night. In fact, this place easily has the most GoGo dancers in all of Nana Plaza.

There are no shows, there really is no sexy dancing. It is just hot naked Thai women packed on the two stages. You point at the one you like, she joins you for a drink, and you can decide if you want to fuck her or just enjoy having her on your lap.

#6 Cascade (Third Floor) – Ladyboy Bar
It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of ladyboys. In fact, I’ve never stayed inside of a Ladyboy GoGo for more than 30 seconds. But at the advice of Dave, I joined him for a beer here.

The design of the club is pretty damn cool, I’d have the say it is the best designed GoGo in Nana Plaza. But if you’ve never seen a ladyboy before, you’ll get a kick out of this club. They have maybe 20 – 30 ladyboys dancing on stage. Some are tall, while others are short. Some still have dicks, while others do not. Some have fake breasts, while others do not.

There’s a lot of variety here and it’s pretty damn interesting to see so many different types of ladyboys all on one stage.

Final Advice About Nana Plaza

There are a lot of GoGo clubs in this giant redlight district loaded with sexy Thai women…in fact, by last count there are around 30 different strip clubs.

A few are awesome!
Some are only okay
While many suck!

Work down this list as you please, but be more than willing to check out some of the other clubs too. There are stunning women throughout the entire place.

Nana Plaza Bangkok is a place that I highly recommend you visit during your trip to Thailand.

Enjoy Paradise,

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  • Walid says:

    Rainbow 4 is simply the WORST bar in all Thailand. Thai people generally are kind and sweet, and its rarely to find Racism there. except Rainbow4, RACISM in its most ugly image. I approached the door to get inside, they refused. I asked why? they said membership 100 Baht. I said ok no problem, then pointed to my t-shirt and asked him: do u know this brand? have u ever heard of Paul & Shark? In fact its not my way in life, but his underestimating looks to me really made me mad. I told him look take ur 1000 and let me in, i came just to enjoy my time. Then finally they said please go only Japanese and Farangs. Very unusual way in Thailand. In Pattaya theres a police who could help you in case you face any problem, but in Nana you dunno if there’s someone you can talk to. Conclusion: Dont go to Rainbow 4 unless you support RACISM.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard some foreigners have not been liking Rainbow 4. But this is the first I’ve heard of them charging and trying to block you from entering. Pretty shitty of them!

    • Truth007 says:

      Personally, I reckon Rainbow 4 is the best club there. They probably did you a favor, as quite likely they already know the girls there won’t go home with you. A lot of Thai hookers are choosy when it comes down to race. Even most of the freelancers outside on the street won’t go with blacks or Indians. But that is their free choice. You might not want to go with a fat woman, but that is your choice as much as it is the choice of the girls or the bar. Better that you just went to a club that had some girls that would go with you and be thankful.

      • Walid says:

        In fact not everything in life you can justify. Racism is not justifiable. If we open the door for it, it’ll expand day after day by finding new justifications for it. 1st : I’ve been to not less than 40 gogo bars in Thailand, and this attitude happened only in Rainbow4, i don’t think girls in Rainbow4 are from another planet. 2nd: I visited the same club last year several times and never happened to me this attitude, which means its a new management approach not the girls inside. 3rd : You think as if Managers are so kind and listening to girls inside. So please no need to justify it. You go enjoy “the best club” as you said and encourage them more and more and let them spread hatred between nations more and more.

  • Nana guy says:

    Mercury ago go is a good bar, loads of nice girls, a cheap happy hour, bottles of Chang 90b all night, bar girls have got way to greedy for my liking, you can cut the bar fine by having a private arrangement to meet the girl down soi4 after the bar has closed, a bit naughty but has to be done

  • Paul Winter says:

    Billboard has really started to fill up with more hot ladies.

  • Paul Winter says:

    WILD THING really does get WILD the extra cost is worth it.

  • IlandMan says:

    Rainbow4 for years has had a “members only” policy every time someone of South Asian origin dares approach the door. Hate to say it, but a) that kind of blatant racism is widespread in tourist areas in Thailand, b) there certainly is some basis for this negative reaction to “keks” – not considered to be “farangs” and c) a lot of you whities probably like it that way, preferring not to share girls with the mongers from the subcontinent. If the animals that man the door are intelligent enough to listen when I speak, I have been permitted to enter. But on busy nights I need to be legitimised by being with a white or Asian friend to get in (BTW that place is really popular with Japanese, and as a result most girls will ask at least B2500 for short time and B4k and up for overnight.)

  • reece says:

    Great article with the right kind of info. Could be worth a mention that following Nana in Bkk, Pattaya would be a best bet for phase 2 of any keen enjoyment seeker’s lusty travel adventures… another world down the road, and a very important part of the whole picture. Enjoy…

  • reece says:

    Its all about the “legwork”… if you don’t get round enough, you’ll miss the best wee surprises… some of the most exceptionally stunning and, shall we say ; naturally made for this… dream girl material, is only here and available for a short burst in their lives; many will last only weeks, others months , but then they are gone… either they found their calling else where, went back to the normal world, or a bloke simply bolted them down (which does tend to happen with girls of sometimes incredible a topclass league…)
    Leaving on that note… ain’t it true, that this part of the world is amazing… some of the most strikingly beautiful and phisically perfect, plutonically innocent and naturally outstanding, wonderful honestly mindblowing experiences in your life (sexual and otherwise) are waiting for you, can be discovered almost daily (if you do the LEGWORK and have the budget), and best of all if you learn to sift out the already tainted by disappointment and or overexperience, and find the fresh willing wee angels just ripe and ready to find a life for themselves (and half the rest of their impoverished rugrats…) ; you can’t beat this land of smiles, for the greatest times, you’re gonna want to keep having…
    25 years here and loving it…

  • Jason Wood says:

    Hello there, thanks for the wonderful review. I am gonna ask a very stupid question but to be honest i need clarification. ‘Long Time’ means the whole night, but does it include just one shot or two shot. Last time when i was in bkk i took the girl for long time had just one shot and she left in the morning. I would really appreciate if you could clarify this to me. Thanking you well in advance.

    • Hey Jason,

      Long time means for the entire night. Usually, this includes a fuck in the morning…but I guess that depends how fast and quietly the girl decides to leave. I’d say about 90% of the time, Long Time (LT) includes a fuck before bed and a fuck in the morning.

  • valdi says:

    However, I was looking forward to meeting Dave aka, Dave the Rave. You can check out his website here:

    Where is this website

  • Alan Crawford says:

    Some great advice G of T
    I hope this helps some poeple, when visiting Nana Plaza go into every bar and buy one drink have a look around then when you have been thru them all, after that you’ll know which girl you want, then is “UP TO YOU”

    • Yeah, I agree. A beer in each place is always a solid plan for a weekend…or a night. But if you don’t have time, these are my normal “go to” places.

    • Sometimes gogo bars can be misleading. You might catch a gogo bar on a bad night. Perhaps the staff got paid the night before and they are unusually low on gogo girls. The opposite will happen if you visit a gogo bar on payroll night. There are other factors to consider, such as a change of management can instantly make a bar a hit or a miss.

      However, although tastes do vary, these 6 gogo bars listed above remain very popular and consistent. This is proof of why they are a “must see” during a visit to Nana Plaza.

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