What Are Gentlemen Clubs in Thailand? And Are They Worth It?

What Are Gentlemen Clubs in Thailand

I’ll tell you, Gentlemen clubs really aren’t my style. However, if you have money that you want to spend, speak Thai, and want to meet VERY attractive Thai girls between the age of 18 and 23. Then there is no better place than a Thai Gentleman’s Club

Just take a look at this video from one of Bangkok’s Gentlemen’s Club:

What is a Gentleman’s Club in Thailand?

A Gentleman’s Club, also known as a “G-Club” is a member only private club which is popular with Thai businessmen and foreign businessmen.

It is not so much of a club as it is a lounge with incredibly attractive female staff. 

Although G-Clubs are typically members only, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a member to enter. If you are not, you can usually pay a cover charge of 500 – 1500 baht (15 – 45usd) per person and each drink ranging from 350 to 700 baht (12 – 21usd).

How Much Does Entrance to Gentleman’s Clubs Cost?

Option 1: Become a Member. For between 10,000 to 30,000 baht (330 – 1000usd), you can become a member. Membership is for one year and will include free entrance and 5 – 12 free bottles of Whisky. Usually Chivas.

Most memberships do not include the cost of mixers. Nor do any cover the cost of the girls. (More on that below)

Option 2: Non-members can still enter. However, they can pay a cover charge of 500 – 1500 baht (15 – 45usd) per person and each drink ranging from 350 to 700 baht (12 – 21usd).

How Much Do The Girls Cost?

First off, a G-Club is not a brothel. There are no short time rooms nor are the girls available for sex. They are there to entertain you. Talk with you, sit on your lap, tease you, etc…

But sex is usually not an option, unless you negotiate something on the side when she is off work.

It’s not free for the girl to entertain you. Most G-Clubs have a fee based structure based on time. For example, you are charged 350 baht (12usd) for each girl to sit with you for 30 minutes.

You also have the option to pay her “bar fine” so she can leave work early and spend time with you. The cost of this is usually 5000 baht (160usd). This does not include sex. Just pays for her to be able to leave work during her shift.

Why Gentlemen’s Clubs are Awesome?

The women are fucking beautiful. There are no places better in Thailand where you can have such young and beautiful women entertain you. Once you come here, you won’t be able to look at GoGo Dancers the same.

Why Thai G-Clubs Suck?

1- Expensive
For Thailand, they are really expensive. Between membership, mixers, and the girls, you are looking at spending at least 3000 – 5000 baht a night just to have girls sit on your lap.

2- No Sex
Personally, if I’m going to dropping that kind of money drinking and spending time with a girl in Thailand, I want the option of sex on the table.

Here you will get the vibe from the girl that it is on after work. Even when the place closes she’ll tell you to wait for her here while she goes change her clothes.

However, 20 minutes later the girl never returns and the manager has to kick you out.

3- Language Barrier
The hottest girls will speak Thai and only Thai. Although there may be a few that speak English, unless you want a silent doll sitting on your lap, your choice of 30 girls just dropped to 4 girls.

Most G-Clubs are marketed toward wealthy Thai and other Asian businessmen. English speaking foreigners are not common here, which means management doesn’t need to go out of their way to find English speaking girls.

What Are The Best Gentleman Clubs in Bangkok?

The word “best” is always up for debate. But you can’t go wrong with these two:

1- The Pent (31/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330)
2- Caribbean (622 Prachauthit Road (near Meng Jai intersection) Bangkok)

Are They Worth It For English Speaking Foreigners?

Yes and no. If I had an extra 10,000usd a year that I wanted to spend on drinking and women, I’d probably get a few memberships.

Here are a few real ratios of bringing home a girl from a G-Club for free.

Me: 1 out of 5 trips to a G-Club I’ll bring home a girl.

American Guy that Speaks Perfect Thai: He will bring home a girl 1 out of 3 trips to the G-Club.

Thai Movie Star: 1 out of 2 trips to a G-Club he’ll bring home a girl.

Note: G-Clubs don’t change their staff much. So once you sleep with a couple of the girls, the other girls will know about it. Making it more difficult to pull more than a few girls within a couple month time frame.

This is why if you are doing the G-Club thing to meet women, you will need more than 1 membership. You’ll need 4 or 5 for it to be truly worth it. This way you can rotate the G-Clubs that you go to without becoming too much a regular in one.

Also Note: At some G-Clubs you can purchase sex from up to 50% of the women. However, there are no guarantees and often the price can be anywhere from 3,000 – 10,000 baht (90 – 330usd) for one night.

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  • Michelle Catapang says:

    This is great!

  • ben says:

    if you’re not looking for a girlfriend but don’t like going from bar too bar all the time. just look for one beautiful bargirl and talk a while. if you really like her just ask her if she’s willing to stay with you for a week or two. most are willing to make a deal for 10000 bath. this will be cheaper than looking for a different girl every day. however be careful. she will manipulate you and try to make you her boyfriend and ask you to transfer money every month. don’t be a fool. some bargirls have 3 boyfriends overseas doing this all thinking they are the only one. thai bargirls are the best when it comes to manipulating men. they will treat you like a demi god and before you know it you’re hooked.

  • ben says:

    golden rule. never fall in love with a bargirl. bargirls are for fun only. if your looking for a girlfriend, make some thai friends and go out where most tourists don’t go and just have fun. prices will be low in places like this and most of the time girls will come to you asking for a dance. it will take some time before thai people accept you into their inner circle but once they accept you they will do almost everything for you. including helping you find a nice girl. tip’ dont act like you’re superior and never say anything shameful in public. thai people hate that. don’t be surprised that they expect you to pay the tab. in thai culture the one with the highest social standing pay’s. just pay the tab the first 3 times after that take them aside and tell them in private that you cant afford it anymore and like to split the bill next time. they will respect you and will try to help you out as a friend. just don’t be a a-hole and many girls will approach you to become their boyfriend.

  • Neil says:

    Paying my first visit to Thailand in March if there was one golden rule about having a good time with beautiful woman what would it be

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