5 Best Night Markets for Shopping in Bangkok

5 Best Night Markets for Shopping in Bangkok

On average, Bangkok is the hottest city in the world. Which is why night markets are so popular, it is too day hot to walk around Bangkok during the day.

Bangkok is world famous for its nighttime markets which are great for shopping and meeting girls.

Here are the top 5 Bangkok night markets:

JJ Night Market

Great place to mingle amongst young, fashion-conscious locals. Once you’ve done all of your shopping (and if you have any money left) there are around a dozen bohemian bars nearby where you can relax and listen to live Thai music.

Siam Square

Perfect of you are looking for bargains and want to make your money go a long way. Siam Square is ideal for clothes, shoes and accessories and you can find many of the brand items at less than 50% the price displayed at the high-end malls.

Saphan Phut

If you are under 25 or you don’t mind being around excitable teenagers trying to put together their ideal look, Saphan Phut is the nighttime market for you. You can find clothes, CDs/DVDs, and much more. If your stomach rumbles while doing all this bargain hunting there are plenty of stalls around selling Thai food.

Classic Car Market

If you are a car or motorcycle enthusiast then this is a market that will excite you. There are also plenty of food trucks and restaurants around if you get hungry in between taking all the photos of Antique Fords.

Train Night Market Ratchada

While other markets in Bangkok are more specialized (like the Classic Car one) here in Ratchada you can find virtually anything: clothes, jewelry, pets, home decor items, you name it. There is also plenty going on to distract you from your shopping with live music, restaurants and a beverages zone where you can drink super cheap drinks.

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