Beginner’s Guide to Sex Tourism in Bangkok Thailand

Sex Tourism in Bangkok Thailand
This may not come as much of a surprise, but there are thousands upon thousands of men and women that fly into Bangkok every month for the purpose of sex.

Whether you want to fuck their way through 10 Thai women in a weekend adventure…or just don’t want to deal with nightclubs and the dating scene, Bangkok has plenty to offer you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the four different types of prostitutes you will encounter in Bangkok:

1- Bar Girls / GoGo Dancers
2- Massage Girls
3- Freelancers
4- Professional Escorts

Type 1: Bar Girls and GoGo Dancers

Quick Description: Bar Girls and GoGo Dancer will have sex with just about anyone. They work directly for a bar or GoGo club (strip club)

The 3 Main Whoring Streets (Redlight Districts):
1- Nana Plaza
2- Soi Cowboy
3- Patpong Road

These three places are filled with bars and strip clubs which are packed with Thai hookers (and many of these girls are quite beautiful).

GoT Advice: Skip Patpong Road. This is scam central and completely overrated. Stick to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Type 2: Massage Girls

In Bangkok, there are three types of sex massages you can get:

1- Happy Ending (after a traditional Thai massage)
2- Blowjob Bars
3- Specialized Full Service Massages (example: Soapy Massage, Nuru Massage, etc..)

You can read this website for my information on these different type of massages

– Happy Endings can be found at almost any massage parlour where they give you a private room for your oil massage

– There are three main blowjob bars in Bangkok: Lollipop, Lolitas, and Dr. BJ’s.

GoT Advice: Specialized massages are incredible. Try Annies Soapy Massage and Mango Massage.

Type 3: Freelancers

Thai Freelance girls are entrepreneurs of the sex industry. They do not work for a bar, or GoGo club. They use freelancing as their main source of income or a secondary source of income and can often be found at specific nightclubs and bars around Bangkok.

List of Nightclubs to Find Freelancers in Bangkok Thailand:
– Levels Club (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
– Mixx (Phloen Chit Road)
– Insanity (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
– Climax (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
– Chalk 39 (Petcharburi Soi 39)

Hit or Miss Clubs
-Bossy Club (Near Sri Ayudhaya)
-Spicy Club (Rong Muang 1)
-Swing (Opposite Spicy)

GoT Advice: Mixx, Insanity, and Q-Bar are our top choices.

Type 4: Professional Escorts

There is no shortage of escort agencies in Thailand. With many of these establishments, these girls are “trained” to offer professional grade service. (Which if you understand sex with random girls like we do, you know that professional service is very important.

GoT Advice: and are known as two of the best escort agencies in Bangkok.


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  • Henry. says:

    You write:
    “There are three main blowjob bars in Bangkok: Lollipop, Lolitas, and Dr. BJ’s.”
    I have tried some of them, but found out that “Som´s Haven” in Soi 14 are the best.
    “Som´s Haven” is so good, that I have been there many times.
    Young sexy ladies. Nice rooms. Low price and no hurry.

  • thibault says:

    seven, seven my dear… you should be more attentive.
    the links to the escorts sites are not functional.
    seriously, as i understand you were spposed to provide inks of affiliate marketing whch is even more a fault as you just voided a mean to make money.
    thus, this was the very most important line of the page…
    unless you stopped advertising for them but i seriously doubt it as there is an ad for one of the sites on this very page?

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