What Bangkok Nightclubs Are Open Past 2:30am – Spicy, Bossy, and Shock 39

What Bangkok Nightclubs Are Open late

Hey Guys,

So I must apologize for an oversight of mine.  Since the coup, I’ve been letting our readers know that the Thailand nightlife is back to being as great as it has always been.

Now, although this is mostly true, it isn’t 100% accurate.  With the military in control of the government, there has been one aspect of Thailand that has taken a beating.  And that is…

The Nightlife After 2:30am

This is just a brief update on what’s going on in the Bangkok nightlife scene since the coup.

The Good News:

There is currently no curfew and “most” to all the nightclubs and bars are open and doing well

The Bad News:

Almost all the clubs are being shut down at 2:30am.  With the military in charge, the club owners are being forced to close no later than 3am…most of the time.  Because of this, just about every nightclub is closing between 2:30am and 3am in Bangkok.

Again Good News:

Spicy, Bossy, and Shock 39 are “currently” the only late night clubs that are open in Bangkok.  And this isn’t on all nights.  Sometimes the police will shut down one or two of these clubs on any given night.  (Basically, once you hit 2:30am, all the taxi drivers will know which clubs will stay open and which late night clubs are being shut down.

Normally I don’t recommend these three clubs, but when everything else is shut down, they can have potential.

Personally, I think Shock 39 is COMPLETE shit and I will never recommend this club.

Spicy Club and Bossy are usually shit.  EXCEPT when all the other clubs are closed.  Then all the girls will come here…or go home.  So during times like these, Spicy Club has A LOT more potential than normal.

My Advice:

Party like normal on Sukhumvit and RCA.  Then move to Spicy / Bossy.  (The taxi ride will be free because the drivers get a commission for bringing customers there.)

Entrance is 300 baht per person (9usd).  Bottles with mixers start at around 3,000 baht (90usd).  If you order a bottle, you get free entrance.  (If you don’t finish the bottle, have the staff save it for you and you can get free entrance your next visit, as long as you bring back your bottle card.)

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