How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Bangkok

bachelor party in thailand
I’ll tell you guys right off the bat, the party scene in Bangkok Thailand has just gotten a lot better!

I get emailed about once a week asking for advice on where and how to throw once in a lifetime parties in Thailand.  People want to rent a private yacht, a huge villa, and penthouse suites filled with GoGo dancers, Thai models, and even escorts.

Event planning hasn’t really been a desire of mine.  So usually I just throw out a few ideas and point them to an escort agency or two.

I don’t usually recommend businesses in Bangkok because networking isn’t something I really care about…I just share my Thailand experiences and let our readers decide if it’s right for them.

But a few months ago I was contacted by the guys behind and I’ll tell you, these guys are the real deal.  They throw VIP parties like you wouldn’t believe…and I’ve even had the opportunities of joining in on a few of the high-end parties…and holy fuck…it was amazing!

It comes down to this, if you want an awesome bachelor party in Bangkok or a high-end Thailand VIP party.  Contact these guys and they can set up everything from luxury accommodations to Thai models.

Here is a quick Q and A I recently had with the owners of Party

What kind of parties / events does your company specialize in?

We specialize in high-end VIP parties in Thailand…especially Bangkok.  Our three most popular events are:

1- Bachelor parties in Bangkok,

2- Private villa parties in Bangkok and Pattaya, and Samui

3- Private boat parties

What type of clients do you have?

Our clients range quite a bit.  We’ve worked with managers of well-known celebrities arranging private villa parties in the heart of Bangkok.  And we’ve also worked with normal guys just like you and I who simply want to experience Bangkok like a real VIP.

But lately bachelor parties seem to be our bread and butter.  More and more guys are getting married in Asia, and they want one last major bachelor experience before “they take the plunge”. And as you know, there is no better place for this than Thailand.

On your website you mention you can arrange Thai models.  What’s this really mean?

Everyone is looking for something different in life, and this is true for female companionship.  Some guys want a beautiful Thai woman sitting on their lap all night while enjoying the VIP section of Bangkok’s hottest clubs, while others want a more one-on-one intimate experience.

At Party Bangkok, we’ve partnered with the top modeling, gogo, and escort agencies in Thailand to provide you with the perfect girls for your party.

Besides VIP parties, what other services do you offer?

Really, we can set up just about anything you need.  Here’s our 5 most popular services:

– Limo pickup
– Private party bus
– Naked sushi girl
– Private speedboats
– Bodyguards

We are an agency that will help arrange your VIP event from A-to-Z.

Okay, this is pretty sweet, but what’s the price range for something like this?

If you are visiting Thailand on a tight budget, our service is probably not right for you.  VIP bachelor parties can start at 300usd per person.  While private villa parties with Thai models start at 1000usd per night.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.  How should our readers contact you for more information?

Easy, visit our website: and fill out the contact form.  Tell us a little bit about what you want and one of our VIP event planners will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our international staff speaks English, Thai, Swedish, Russian, and French.

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  • Parth says:

    Hi i wanted to curate a package for 1 day pool party and 1 day villa party for 20 people, i want girls in bikini, shushi girl,and maybe a few escorts. I am planning to come in September for my brother’s bachelor. What best rates and services can you offer?

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