Awesome Day Tour from Bangkok – Visit Kanchanaburi

Awesome Day Tour from Bangkok - Visit Kanchanaburi

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor experience near Bangkok, check out the Kanchanaburi area.  I end up going about once a year with a different girl, and each time the experience is different and pretty cool.

About Kanchanburi Thailand

About 150 miles outside of the capital lies Kanchanaburi, the perfect place to learn about Thailand’s history and culture while also enjoying the beauty of this nation’s natural areas. Caves, forests, and waterways all make for a picturesque adventure away from Bangkok. If you are interested in the waterfalls or in swimming, it’s best to visit during the rainy season, but otherwise you should feel free to enjoy Kanchanaburi at any time of year.

Leaving from Bangkok Noi Station, traveling by car, or signing up for an organized tour are all options to bring you to Kanchanaburi. It usually takes two to three hours if you are traveling by train.

River Kwai

The River Kwai, made famous to English-speakers by the movie “The Bridge over the River Kwai”, offers visitors an amazing chance to see not only the amazing Death Railway, which goes from Kanchanaburi to Myanmar, but also the beautiful natural scenery.

In addition to the war museum in Kanchanaburi itself, which details POW experiences in particular, visitors can enjoy the waterfalls at the end of the railway in Nam Tok. A national park is nearby.

While the history and gorgeous nature of Kanchanaburi impress visitors, many people also appreciate the possibilities for adventure in this area. The forests are rich and excellent for hiking as well as elephant trekking. Those looking for a less exciting but very pleasant time can simply walk and enjoy the scenery. Cycling is also very popular. Enjoy a one- or multi-day tour by bicycle to both explore more of the area and ensure that you make time for exercise during your time here. There are tours available for fun activities such as rafting and canoeing along the River Kwai.

During your stay, your accommodations can range from lovely resort hotels or simple houses near the river that are especially perfect for nature lovers and those who want to canoe or kayak freely. These raft houses are available in a variety of styles, from the most basic to some surprisingly well-outfitted.

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