Where to Party for SongKron in Bangkok Thailand – Thai New Years


Hey Guys,

The Famous Thai New Years, known as SongKron, is upon us.

If you’ve never experienced SongKron in Thailand, it is very tough to explain.  As with the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, you need to experience it for yourself.

However, I like to describe SongKron as the world’s largest water gun fight where an entire country participates.  (Imagine the tomato party in Spain, but all with water guns and sexy women in wet clothing.)

As mentioned, the entire country of Thailand participates in this event.  In fact, there are places up north where the “water war” lasts an entire week…which is a little much.  But in Bangkok, you’ll find that the “water wars” will last about three days.  (Usually April 13th – 15th).

Below I’m going to list my three favorite party spots to spend SongKron in Bangkok Thailand:

1- RCA / Route 66

This place will be fucking insane and packed with more Thai people than you believe.  There will be concerts, dancers, water wars, and much more.  Route 66 is one of the biggest places where hot Thai women will celebrate the Thai New Year.

2- Khao San Road

As you know, this is the main tourist hub in Bangkok where they go “all out” for SongKron every year.  This is one of the main places that hot Thai university girls will go to party day and night on SongKron.

3- Narz Club (Sukhumvit Soi 23)

Here they make a kick ass outdoor pool and foam party which will be packed with people.  Out of the three places, this is probably the more difficult location to meet and take home a new girl because it is more of a Thai place, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  Just means you will need to bring a little more game to the table.

Happy Thai New Years!!!

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  • Mat says:

    I went to RCA last year for Songkran, yeah it’s total madness, really impressive happy wet mess all along this long avenue, however it is a really Thai oriented place and we didn’t feel very welcome as foreigners, we could generally feel that they were not too keen on seeing foreigners participate in their Thai new year celebration, not smiling as usual and avoiding us, even few ones throwing fingers at us! It’s worth to see the massive party but sadly not the best fun for a white face…

    • Yeah, RCA is a fucking Zoo during Songkran. (I spent one of the nights partying there last year, and it was just way too fucking crowded for me.) But it’s still quite an experience.

      If you are looking something more foreign friendly, Sukhumvit Soi 11 and Khao San would be a good choice.

      My favorite it the outside area of Narz.

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