4 Golden Rules for Partying in Bangkok

4 Golden Rules for Partying in Bangkok
Dear Gods of Thailand,

Next week I’m heading to Thailand for the first time. I’ve read your site multiple times and I know what clubs and bars to visit. What advice can you give about dress code and tips for partying in Bangkok?


Thanks for your question.

Throughout the last five years, I’ve traveled to Bangkok as tourist, I have lived in Bangkok as an expat, and I have attended some of the best parties of the world in Bangkok.

So when it comes to Bangkok Nightlife, I know my shit!

These 4 Golden Rules are what you NEED to know about partying in Bangkok. This is a quick guide that will offer the first timers some much needed advice about the nightlife of Bangkok Thailand.

Golden Rule 1: Dress Nice

Do NOT show up to a club in Bangkok wearing flip flops and shorts. Wear a nice pair of jeans, dress shirt, and shoes. You don’t need to go all out, just dress like you care a bit.

Not only will you look nice, which will increase your appeal to more women in Thailand, but this will open up more options in Bangkok because at some clubs/bars a dress code is enforced.

Golden Rule 2: Bangkok is a Bottle City

When you go clubbing in Bangkok, do NOT get a beer and hang by the bar. Bangkok is a Bottle city! Which means, if you are more than one person, get a bottle of vodka or whiskey. Drink, chat, find a girl, take her home, and then fuck.

Not only do you get free entry for purchasing a bottle, but you also have a “home base” in the club.

Note to Solo Travelers: Standing alone at a table with a bottle does not look very cool. In your case, get a mixed drink and mingle. Do NOT hang out alone at the bar for hours!

Golden Rule 3: Table Placement in Everything

When you order a bottle at a club, the staff will take you to a table. Table placement is everything in Bangkok. If the staff tries to put you around a bunch of men, say no. Give the staff a tip of a hundred baht (3usd), and request to be around women.

GoT Tip: If there are no open tables. Approach a table full of women and kindly ask if you can share their table. Thai people are naturally friendly and more times than not, they will agree.

Golden Rule 4: After Party Clubs

The women of Bangkok LOVE to party. Going home with a new sexy Thai girl at 2:30am when the “normal clubs” close is much more difficult than going home at 5am.

Thai Girls Want to Party Late!

Which is why it is WAY easier to take home a girl from an after party club like Mixx and Insanity, then it is when a normal club closes at 2:30am (Route 66, Levels, etc…)

If you meet a girl at a regular club, expect to move the party to a Late Night Club before taking her home.

– – – – – – – – – –

Hope this helps. If you have any tips of your own, leave them in the comment section!
-Gods of Thailand

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