One Night in Bangkok Thailand – How to Party Like a Rock Star

Bangkok is one hell of a big city.  Without knowing where to go, you’ll either miss out on some great places or get trapped in tourist areas like Khao San Road.

If you find yourself with only one night in Bangkok, follow our beginners guide.  Although you’ll need at least a month to visit all the great bars and clubs, we will highlight some of the nightlife hot spots which shouldn’t be missed.

One Night in Bangkok Thailand Guide:

7:30pm (Optional)

Time to get some dinner.  For the nicest restaurant in Bangkok, make a reservation for “The Dome at Lebua” (  Not for those low on money, a three course meal with wine will range 7,000 – 10,000 baht each person. (Featured in the movie, Hangover Part 2)


Banyan Tree Hotel – this 5 star hotel has one of the nicest roof top bars in Thailand.  The drinks are well made and the view of the entire city is incredible.  Drinks will range from 200 – 350 baht.  Not the cheapest place to go for drinks, but a similar place in New York or London costs 4 times the price.

Located on 21/100 South Sathon Road

11:00pm (Optional)

We’ve traveled the world and partied in some of the most exciting places on earth. One thing we have learned is that every epic night always starts with something low key. Whether that is one drink on a roof top bar or a few games of pool to begin the night. Go have some innocent fun.

Near Nana Plaza is one of the best places to play pool in Thailand, called “Ball in Hand.”  The tables are professional and in new condition.  Not many women around, but a great place to grab a couple drinks with some friends and shot some pool before things start to get a bit crazy. And trust us, things will only get crazy from here on out…

This is also only 2 minutes walk from your next place.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4


Nana Plaza time.  If you’ve never been, imagine an outdoor three story mall filled with strip clubs.  This place has well over 30 strip clubs full of naked Thai women.

Don’t spend too much time in one place.  Get one drink in each place, and then move to the next.  Each place has their pros and cons.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4

Three must see places in Nana Plaza:
– Angel Witch (One of my favorite spots.  They have some amazing shows on stage.  See it for yourself)
– Spankys (Lots of spankings and a shower with a girl or two in it)
– Rainbow (Nearly 40 girls on the stage at one time)

Note: There are two other places similar to Nana Plaza in Bangkok.  They are Soi Cowboy and Patpong Road.  Soi Cowboy is an entire street dedicate to GoGo and strip clubs.  Patpong Road is better known by tourists, but it sucks.  The women are not that great looking and nearly every tourist has a story about being ripped off in Patpong Road.

Skip Patpong and visit Nana or Soi Cowboy for your Bangkok GoGo bar experience.


Assuming you didn’t take one of the girls in Nana and on your way home, it is now time for some clubs.  Below are some of our favorite night clubs in Bangkok:

1- RCA (Stands for Royal City Avenue)
This street is full of different dance clubs.  One of the best places for tourists to go for Thai “good girls.”  Checkout Route 66 and Onxy.

Located in RCA Block C, Rama 9 Road

2- Levels Club
Trendy Nightclub with Mixture of good girls and freelancers.  Entrance charge is free.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 11

3- Climax
Mostly freelancer prostitutes.  Entrance charge is 300 baht.

Located in Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11

4- Q Bar
If you have a couple friends, this is a great place to split a bottle of Vodka.  Also a good place to start your evenings.  Features a nice outdoor bar and a dance club full of freelancers.

Located on Soi Sukhumvit 11

Gods of Thailand Tip: Split a bottle of Grey Goose vodka among friends for 3,000 baht.

5- Narz
This club is hit or miss.  Don’t bother going here if it’s not Friday or Saturday.

Located on Sukhumvit 23


Now that the normal clubs are closed or closing, it is now time for the after party clubs.  Here are our three of our favorite after party clubs:

1- Insanity
A nice club which is full just about every night of the week.  Has a cover of 300 baht which comes with one drink.  Or free entrance if you eat at the V8 diner which is attached.  Most nights will have some very nice looking girls.  About 75% working girls and 25% good girls.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 12

2- Mixx
One of the best nightclubs in Bangkok. Usually filled with about 75% Thai hookers and 25% “good girls”.

Located at President Tower Phloen Chit

3- Spicy
Very similar to Bossy club.  Is full most nights of week with freelancers.  Cover charge is 300 baht which includes one free drink.

Located on Soi Rong Mueang 1

Gods of Thailand Tip: Never pay for a taxi if you are going to Bossy or Spicy.  Taxi drivers get an incentive for taking you there from the establishment.  Just tell the driver you are going to Bossy and want a free taxi ride.  90% will take you for free.

4- Scratch Dog
Out of the three places, this is mostly a Thai club.  Full of good girls every night of the week with a few freelancers which usually hang around the bar.  We recommend you order a bottle and get a table in a central location.

There is also a cover charge of 400 baht.

Located in Windsor Suites Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 20

Gods of Thailand Tip: If you hate paying an entrance charge, no problem.  If you buy a bottle at any of these places, the cover is free.  Also, if you are going to be in Bangkok for a couple days, do not finish your bottle.  Have them hold the bottle for you.  They will give you a card which will give you free cover for your next trip and save the bottle.


After 6am the clubs start to die down.  If you don’t have a girl by now, then you better get one.  In fact, if you don’t have a girl by 4:30am, you’ll be left with slim pickings.

Good morning.  Three things just happened:

1- You woke up alone in your hotel
2- You woke up next to at least one girl in your hotel
3- You woke up next to a girl in her place

If number 3 has happened, there is a good chance you have no idea where the hell you are.  We’ve all been there.  Have her call you a taxi, or pick a direction and start walking till you find a main road.

Now you have your own story of, One Night in Bangkok!

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  • Steve says:


    How to get a girl at the club or anywhere to sleep with ? Are you talking about pros or regular women? I’m not very good with ladies.

    • Well, no one in the world has a 100% ratio. And picking up good girls vs hookers is a much different game.

      The advice on this website will simply make it easier and cheaper to pickup any Thai girl. But just like everywhere in the world, you will be shot down a time or two.

  • Azzy says:

    Hey 7,

    Thanks for all the valuable info. i’m coming to BKK on first week of August for a week. 4 days in BKK and 3 days in Phuket. This is my first time and i want this trip to be memorable. Where do i start? 😀

    Thanks man!

    • Depends what you are looking for. If you like GoGo dancers, start at Nana Plaza. If you like nightclubs. Go to Route 66 or Levels. If you want a “full service” tour guide who can show you around, contact

      Basically, browse this website. I’ve post most of my advice about Thailand here.

  • Alex says:

    Hey 7!
    Great site, lots of useful stuff.
    I’m coming to BKK in a week, staying 5 days before heading off to Shanghai.
    I really hate hitting the clubs alone so the question is: is there a bar or a pub where farang guys have a drink before heading to a club? I’d like to hook with a group, have a drink and head off to a club where we’d share a table. Of course from there everyone’s on his own, I’m not into groupies and stuff )
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Risch says:

    Which is the best club to book a table?

  • pk says:

    Heyy Seven,

    I am going to visit thailand next week, i am travelling alone and this is my first trip there.
    I need to have GFE in bangkok. can you please suggeset me how to plan or should i directly go to phuket and have go go girls

  • BA3Z says:

    Hey 7,

    Two late 20s guys hitting Bangkok this Feb. Trouble is we’re only there on a Tuesday and Wednesday (before heading to Samui). I know you left a comment on some ideas below way back in 2013. What would you recommend as the best clubs to hit to meet good looking people, party and have a good time (hookups not a priority). Staying on Soi 15; and already been to Insomnia way back when.


  • Rob says:

    I’m in Bangkok on stopover the next two days, what’s happening this time of year in Bangkok?
    Anything on the radar that should be looked out for, Im not so keen on travelling around town as the taxi drivers are usually a pain in the ass from my previous experiences. What are the best places in nana to go these days? I have been before to the one on the top or second floor with the carousel and foam bath, think it used to be called carousel but anything better to check out the best fun/girls?
    Hopefully some fun can be had aside from what ive arranged already!!

    • For Nana I still always enjoy Angel Witch and Rainbow 3 (the second floor does seem to be the best in Nana). But I have to admit, the hottest of the girls doesn’t seem to be as good this year in those two places.

      Take a look at Soi Cowboy. They have many more Coyote Girls (not sex workers, just “dancers”) but they are far hotter than in Nana. With a little game and some money, you can usually set up a meeting after the bars close.

      With the military stuff that’s going on, most of the nightclubs are closing at around 3am. I’m still a fan of Levels and Mixx club.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy paradise!

  • Allen says:

    Which is the 100% naked dance bar/ Full stripped in Soi cowboy or Nana Plaza ???

  • Mark says:


    Great page!

    We are going to be in BK on a Monday and Tuesday night.

    Any insider tips / advice as I have only ever been on a weekend and not sure if the usual applies?


  • Jose says:


    Thanks for all the helpful advice. I just got back from a week in Bangkok and I followed the One Night in Bangkok article. Made for an awesome, unforgettable week. I’ll make sure to send an email next time in Bangkok. Bottles on me.

  • Chr says:

    Hi my friend, your website is absolutely awesome. I am in Bangkok now till the 3rd Nov and i am in late 30s. I am here for work but looking for some good advice on places to go and meet some good local women.

  • D B says:

    Hey man Ill be going to Thailand mid-nov for 10 nights…will be in BKK for the first 2 – the 12th and 13th. Would be awesome if I could meet up with you and check out BKK how its meant to…last time I was there for a night after attending a wedding I didnt have the best time coz I got overcharged for everything… Let me know would be awesome! I have 3 friends with me too so could be a good time mate 🙂

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