4 Best Sports Bars in Bangkok

4 Best Sports Bars in Bangkok

I’m not a fan of soccer, but there is no denying…Sports transcend languages and cultures. Sports bring people together and bond them over excitement, hope and despair. Go to watch a game alone and by the end you will be cheering with the guy next to you.

So where are the best places to go in Bangkok to watch the UFC, soccer, baseball, Olympics US Open, Wimbledon tennis or whatever you are into?

The Sportsman’s Bar

This bar has screens everywhere (26 TVs and 8 HD projectors last time I counted). The food is a good mix of Thai and Western so you can have the comfort of eating what the familiar and try something a little different as well. Being able to play free pool is a nice bonus as well.



You don’t need to go to Hooters to find Thai girls wearing skimpy clothing and being nice to you, but it is one of the most reliable chains in the world for finding sports on the TV. Luckily for you there are two locations in Bangkok for you to choose from. Open from 10am to 2am to watch the game whatever time of day.


The Club House Sports Bar

This bar does the basics well. If all you want to focus on is the game and not be distracted by the decor or the waiting staff then this is the place for you. Saying that, the bar do serve a wide variety of drinks and food and it will get busy when there is a big event on so make sure you reserve or you will be standing up the whole game, peering over people’s heads to try to get a view of the TV.


Roadhouse Barbecue

You might be enjoying the Buffalo Wings and Baby Back Ribs on your plate so much that your forget to look up once in a while to see what is going on in the game. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of screens for you when you have to look up when you hear the whole bar cheers and you need to know what happened.

GoT Tip: Best buffalo wings in Thailand!


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