2014 Insanity Nightclub Review Bangkok Thailand – Disappointing

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to do a quick review for Insanity Nightclub in Bangkok Thailand. (Formally known at Insomnia.) http://clubinsanitybangkok.com/

Is Insanity Club Worth Visiting?

Short Answer: No!

Long Answer: Keep Reading

So far this year I have visited this club 5 times: twice on weekdays, twice on a weekends, and once on their “big” one year anniversary party. Each time this club was a disappointment which was “full” of ugly Thai hookers (think 5’s and under) and just wasn’t that much fun.

The only time I recommend that you “might” want to visit Insanity Club is when they are doing a big event or bringing in an international DJ. Even then it might be hit or miss. But that is the best chance of there being a packed club with attractive women…. excluding paid GoGo dancers.

In 2013 I highly recommended this club on nights Sunday – Thursday because it had such a good ratio of girls-to-guys. However, nearly 5 months into 2014, it has been a constant disappointment.

So my advice is to skip this club when you are in Bangkok and visit Levels Club if you are looking for good girls, or visit Mixx Club after 3am if you are looking for some very sexy freelancers.

Maybe in the back half of 2014, the management will make some changes. But as of now, the thought of visiting this Bangkok nightclub should be a thing of the past.

P.S. Here are some videos that I took from their “huge” one year anniversary party a couple months back…which was a huge disappointment. Not one attractive girl attended besides the paid GoGo dancers. And the men out numbered the women 3-to-1.

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  • tommy says:

    Yes, so bad.
    ‘ve been there on a Tuesday and a Saturday this year.
    nothing was good. drink did not taste as good as in pattaya either. Insomnia is only good in pattaya.

    • Wayne says:

      Unfortunately this 1 of the only clubs myself and a friend could get into.
      What’s up with the racism in Bangkok???
      I’m South African, but Indian race, so it seems getting into places like Mixx is out of the question….don’t have this problem in Pattaya though!

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