The Best Nightclub in Bangkok Thailand – 2013 Review

levels club bangkok

I often get asked, “What’s the best Nightclub in Bangkok for good girls.  And although the nightlife is constantly changing and rotating, there is one nightclub that clearly stands out in 2013:

Levels Nightclub on Soi 11

Hands down this is the best place to go on Friday and Saturday night (narrowly beating out the classic Route 66).  Reasons why this club rocks:

1- The Women 
When it comes to HOT and successful “good girls” in Thailand, this club crushes all other clubs in Bangkok.

2- Foreign Friendly
Most of the guys in this club are foreigners, and the women who come here know it.  You won’t be faced with a bunch of “Thai racism” like you will find in the Thong Lor area or most the clubs on RCA (excluding Route 66).

3- No Cover Charge
A little bit of an added benefit, there is no cover charge for this club.

4- Did I Mention the Women???
There is an excellent ratio of great looking women.  Don’t bother coming here on weekdays, Friday and Saturdays are the days to show up.

5- Hooker to Good Girl Ratio
There are some hookers here, but most will be good girls.  Which of course means, free and easy sex.  The hooker to good girl ratio is about 25 / 75.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

My advice regarding this club:

1- Only Visit on Fridays and Saturdays

Forget about weekdays, Levels will be dead.  Thursdays are hit or miss due to it being ladies night.  But if you’re in the area on Thursday, might as well stop by and look around.

Friday and Saturday is when you need to come here.

2- Get There Early

By midnight to 12:30am this club will be packed.  My advice is to arrive around 11:00pm and get a table inside near the dance floor.

3- Buy a Bottle

Bangkok is the land of bottles.  Here a bottle with mixers will cost you about 2,500 baht (75usd), but it will be worth it.  A bottle is a great way to claim a well-placed table and can give you hours of entertainment.

Not to mention, there are plenty of drinking games you can play with the girls.  Ranging from bottoms up to rock-paper-scissors for shots.

4- Dress to Impress

This is not a club that you enter wearing flip flops and shorts.  In fact, you won’t even get in.  The Thai women who come here tend to be somewhat classy and successful.

If you want to dress like shit and pick up hookers, this is not the club for you.  However, if you want a chance to pull some amazingly beautiful good girls, Levels is definitely worth checking out.

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Levels is Our Top Bangkok Night Club for 2013!

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  • Mike J says:

    The above is very true. Timing is everything- i made the mistake of going in around 10pm…dead. Came back around 1am…packed.

  • lucky31 says:

    Levels was, indeed epic. Thanks for putting this up in time for my time in Bangkok, it ensured an amazing weekend.

    Back to BKK in 4 weeks.

  • Alex says:

    Nice review of Levels. I agree the top club in Bangkok and the ladies dress nice which is an enjoyable change from most other clubs. Back in Bangkok myself in 6 weeks.

    (AKA The Bangkok Partier)

  • Andy Fields says:


    Just came across this site … Amazing good work fella

    I’m A Singapore based Brit guy heading to BKK 15th Jy onwards for 10 nights some business hopefully lots of pleasure

    I’ll be out and about so please hit me up if anyone needs a quality wingman …. Found its easier with a friend ..

    [email protected]



  • joe says:

    hello there,
    big fan of your website, great job!!
    i am visiting Bangkok in a couple weeks maybe koh phangan n phuket also. I live in Los Angeles and clubs are dominated by promoters is it the same in Bangkok? A promoter or two would bring models out with us to dinner and a club after get some champagne n party vip style? Also are there vip tables at the full moon parties or is it more like a rave?

    • Hey Joe,

      Glad you found the website useful.

      Promoters in Bangkok do pretty well, but they tend to be more for Thai clubs that aren’t really for guys like us. The “ballers” in the Bangkok club scene are those the owners of the clubs and regulars that drop 500usd a night, 5 nights a week. (Most of the clubs in Bangkok have like 30 owners.)

      If you’re looking to spend some cash in Bangkok and get the “hottest” Thai girls, then I’d recommend going to Gentleman clubs and partying with those girls at the club or paying an outrageous amount to “bar fine” them so they can leave to party with you. An awesome night at a gentlemen’s club in Bangkok usually runs us about 1,000usd between a few friends. Not cheap, but this is what the ballers do in BKK.

      The full moon party is a giant rave on the beach. No tables or anything like that. Just drunken craziness at it’s best.

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