7 Best Jazz Music Bars in Bangkok Thailand

7 Best Jazz Music Bars in Bangkok Thailand

This may come as a surprise, but Bangkok is home to some amazing jazz bars that fill up at night with people seeking to enjoy great music and relax with friends over a nice drink. There are some remarkable performers to be found in this amazing Thailand city.

Here are the 7 best Jazz bars in Bangkok Thailand:

The Iron Fairies Sukhumvit (Thonglor)

One of the most interesting of Bangkok’s jazz bars is The Iron Fairies. This workshop bar is an intriguing environment in which to enjoy the smooth sounds of world-class jazz bands and singers. There are plenty of wines, champagnes, and cocktails available to make the evening complete.

Glaz Bar Chidlom

The Plaza Athenee Hotel is home to the Glaz Bar, a cool and dark-colored venue that offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to listen to jazz musicians and singers from around the globe. Although there are no performances on Sundays, the Glaz Bar is always an excellent place to have a carefully prepared cocktail and some fine Thai appetizers and tapas.

Diplomat Bar Chidlom

Located at the Conrad Hotel, the Diplomat Bar is a high class venue that has it all. With quality cocktails, fine décor, and carefully designed atmosphere, the Diplomat Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a night of jazz in style.

Bamboo Bar Riverside – Mandarin Oriental

The Bamboo Bar is one of the most beloved places to enjoy live jazz music. Located at the Mandarin Oriental, this bar has a well-designed jungle-influenced décor. Sophisticated and refined, this is yet another place in Bangkok to enjoy top notch musicians and singers.

Saxophone Pub

The Saxophone Pub at Victory Monument is one the best-known pubs among expats in Bangkok. It has earned its excellent reputation by providing friendly service while creating good food and providing great drinks. Even more important is the music. Here you can take in live music including not just jazz but also blues and many older tunes. The décor adds to the warm atmosphere and it often gets quite crowded.

Jazz Happens

Located on Phra Atit Road, Jazz Happens is a favorite place for jazz in Bangkok, thanks to its excellent musicians who really know how to get it right. With a laid-back atmosphere and low prices, you will find that Jazz Happens has everything you need for a late night out alone or with a friend. It has a more private feeling than many of the larger venues around the city.

The Living Room

The Sheraton Grande’s The Living Room takes care in preparing its cocktails and serving its fine wines. Sip your drink to the tunes of live jazz music. It can get a little crowded, so you may want to call ahead, especially on Sundays.


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