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The Ultimate Erotic Guide to Bangkok

The Ultimate Erotic Guide to Bangkok gives you step by step instructions on how to plan and set up 3 days of erotic paradise in Bangkok. This provides detailed information on where to stay, where to go, how much you’ll be paying, and much more. If you are visiting Thailand in the near future and plan on getting laid, you NEED to read this book. Free for all VIP members or you can purchase directly from the author here (Value: $7)

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The most extensive book ever written on how you can live on the paradise island of Koh Samui for only $1,500 a month. The founder of GoT, Seven, has been living on Koh Samui for years and has written an extensive ebook to give you everything you need to know about living like a God in Thailand. (Value: $97)

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If you want to leave behind the rat race and live in beautiful Thailand, you will need to learn how to make money while living here. In this ebook, Seven will take you step-by-step and show you 8 real ways you can make money from your laptop while living in Thailand. This isn't any "quick rich" bullshit like telling you to play the stock market or gamble. These are real strategies that Seven and many others have been using to make money for the last 5 years. (Value: $97)

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The Golden Gateway to Thailand is a treasure trove of great information about the misunderstood Thai culture, and a good picture has been highlighted on what it’s like to live in Thailand as a Westerner... it is no ordinary “Thailand book”…it is much more than that. Free for all VIP members or you can purchase directly from the author here (Value: $7)

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Lifetime Access to Gods of $495
Complete Guide to Thai Hookers eBook $27
The Ultimate Erotic Guide to Bangkok eBook $7
How to Live in Thailand for $1,500 a Month eBook $97
How to Make Money Living in Thailand eBook $97
10% Discount to Bangkok $157
The Golden Gateway to Thailand eBook $7
10% Discount at New Bangkok Escort $157
10% Discount at Pure Bangkok $157
10% Discount at Ladyboys $157
10% Discount at Thai Escorts $157
10% Discount at V Bangkok $157
10% Discount at London Dolls Escorts $157
VIP Email Access to Us $100
Special Pricing for $250
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Live in Thailand Book#1: Koh Samui Lifestyle Guide – How to live in Thailand for under $1,500 dollars a month. This book gives you everything you need to live in Thailand.
Thai Hooker Book#2: Thai Hookers 101 – The controversial #1 Best Seller – What you MUST know about SEX and prostitutes before traveling to Thailand!
Make Money in Thailand Book#3: Make Money in Thailand – This is our no bullshit guide on how you can make money on with your laptop while living in paradise.
Golden Gateway Thailand Book#4: Golden Gateway to Thailand – The Golden Gateway to Thailand is a treasure trove of great information about the misunderstood Thai culture.
Golden Gateway Thailand Book#5: Ultimate Erotic Guide to Bangkok – The Ultimate Erotic Guide to Bangkok gives you step by step instructions on how to plan and set up 3 days of erotic paradise in Bangkok.
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How Much Does Ecstasy, Ketamine, and Cocaine Cost in Bangkok [VIP Only]

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How to Safely Buy Drugs in Thailand [VIP Only]

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5 Steps – How To Juggle Multiple Thai Girls at Once in Thailand [VIP]

I’ve got a good one here for you guys!  Here is some expert advice on how to juggle more than one Thai girlfriend at once.  This isn’t always as easy as it may seem.  Thai g...

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Dear Gods of Thailand, I have a question.  I just got back from a trip to Thailand.  I had a great time but there is one thing that really surprised me, I did not find one Thai g...

Q & A – In Thailand and Want To Shag a Furry Cunt [VIP Only]

Dear Gods of Thailand, I just really love hairy girls (those amazing pussies with a lot of hair on it). But I was told it is almost impossible to find girls like this in Bangkok. I...

How to Convince Thai Girls to Have Sex on Camera in Thailand [VIP]

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I love your website and all your great information. A friend and I are coming to Thailand on July 26th and staying for about 25 days. I was wondering if I can get some information ...

How to Tell if a Thai Girl Has a Baby – The Baby Test [VIP]

Rule 1, no sex with women who have had a child.  You’re in Thailand, why sleep with a girl who has saggy breasts, stretch marks, and a body that’s not firm… Life to too ...

How to Get Attention from ANY Thai Woman at a Nightclub [VIP]

The beauty of Thailand, you walk into any disco or dance club and instantly get attention from the women.  In Thailand, you are the 10, not the girls. It’s rare, but sometimes i...

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