How to Buy Whey Protein in Thailand Without Getting Raped

Whey Protein in Thailand

Throughout the years of living in Thailand, one thing that has constantly annoyed me is the cost of health supplements, especially Whey Protein.

I’m far from a fitness guru, but when I’m in training, I’m a firm believer in the benefits of Whey Protein immediately after a workout and before you sleep.

“Training tears your muscles.  Muscles need protein to rebuild stronger!”

Normally I’ll just walk into any GNC store in Thailand to buy the whey they have available.  And accept the fact that I’ll be paying 3 times the price for lower grade Whey than American GNC stores.

But recently paying 4usd per scoop of Whey started to just feel stupid.  The GNC stores here are charging 4,000 baht (120usd) for a 2 pound container of Whey.

So I contacted a couple of friends in Bangkok and asked if they had any advice.  One guy sent me the website:

I’ve never met the owner of this site nor do I know anything about him.  But the prices are VERY GOOD compared to GNC in Thailand.  And they offer free shipping.

For example, you can get a 5 pound container of Whey for 2,199 baht (70usd).  Which may not seem like a great value to Americans, but in Thailand this is pretty fucking good.

Shipping to Bangkok takes about two days.  If you are in Pattaya, they will deliver it personally to you and accept payment on delivery.

I have no idea who runs this site.  But just wanted to give them props.  The quality is good and the prices are about half what you would pay if you purchase from Thailand’s shitty GNC stores.

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  • Jack Y. says:

    I’d say pttwhey is probably fastest and cheapest online store you have here in Thailand, highly recommended.

  • FellowTraveler says:

    This is my first time commenting on an article but I figured I would on this one. I really like this website, by the way, it helped my travel through Thailand with ease last time I visited. Okay to the point, I am a personal trainer and I advocate a healthy lifestyle obviously and based on what I have seen in Asia and especially in Thailand, I don’t see a reason why’d you’d need protein supplements. In fact, most people don’t, including bodybuilders. I am also an SEO so I can assume the article wasn’t just helpful but also sponsored for Pattaya Whey, if that’s the case then KUDOS I admire your advertising!

    Sincerely, Brice.

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