The Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok Thailand

Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok Thailand

“I heard that the Patravadi Theater in Bangkok is a cool Thai experience. Can you tell me more about it?”

The Patravadi Theater is the perfect place to go if you are looking to appreciate Thai art and culture. The theatre is particularly noted for its creative dance performances. These shows drawn on classical Thai traditions while many also incorporate modern dance. This fusion is the vision of Patravadi Mejudhon, a famous actress, author, and director.

Located on Soi Wat Ratang – in order to get there, you must take a ferry over to Wang Lang Pier –, this theater stands on the Chao Phraya River. Not far away stands the Grand Palace, which adds perfectly to the cultural allure. It’s a beautiful site that is ideal for such beautiful and carefully choreographed performances.

The shows are most often held on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to the theater itself, the Club Arts next door is also a venue for performances. The theater is associated with the Patravadi Performing Arts School, which seeks to inspire and train talented young performers in traditional and modern dance.

Another Patravadi cultural attraction can be found at Vic Hua Hin, south of Khao Takieb. Patravadi High School is located here, as are sights of interest to visitors. These include a theater, hotel, dining options, and an art gallery. Vic Hua Hin is another example of Patravadi Theater’s efforts to share art with the world, especially talented young Thai students. It is beautifully designed and carefully landscaped. Public performances are sometimes held here to exhibit the well-practice programs to an appreciative audience.

Anyone with an interest in Thai dance should explore the entertainment options offered by Patravadi Theater.

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