About Patpong Road in Bangkok – Thailand’s Red Light District

About Patpong Road in Bangkok - Thailand’s Red Light District
“Dear Gods of Thailand, can you tell me a little bit about Patpong Road in Thailand? I know you recommend avoiding this area because of the scams, but I’ve heard some good things about it and plan on spending at least one night there because it is Bangkok’s original red-light district.”

Patpong was the original site of the go-go bar world in Thailand. This district is famous around the world for its numerous bars and for the girls who work them. Although it isn’t as popular as it once was, all the classic entertainments are still available here. Besides some pole dancing and other sexy shows, you can check out the famous Patpong Night Market for some very Thai style shopping.

The biggest draw to Patpong is still the go-go bars. There are some that feature ladyboys and others that feature dancing girls ready to have sex if the money is right…usually between 60 – 120usd for sex.

Most gogos and bars at Patpong road don’t have an entrance fee, but you will be expected to buy a drink for at least 120 baht (4usd).

Aside from the go-go and strip bars, you can actually enjoy a very nice meal at a number of restaurants here. There are also some pubs and more traditional bars for simply getting a drink and hanging out for the evening in relative quiet. Sometimes these bars have live musical acts to liven things up.

The Patpong Night Market is mostly home to vendors selling very tourist-focused goods like T-shirts, knockoff designer pieces, and crafts. Remember to use caution and avoid paying too much for something you’ll regret. Keep an eye on your belongings in the bar and on the street as well. Scammers and pickpockers are everywhere at Patpong Road

Patpong is between Surawong and Silom Road in Bangkok Thailand.

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