Top 5 Gay Nightlife Spots in Bangkok to Avoid if You’re Straight

Top 5 Gay Nightlife Spots in Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok is the best place in Thailand for gay life in general, but especially nightlife. With tons of shows, bars, clubs, saunas, and more, Bangkok has all the gorgeous guys and fun times you could want.

Silom Soi 4

This is one of the most established of Bangkok’s gay nightclubs. Silom Soi 4 always seems to be in a celebratory mood and everybody is friendly and welcoming. Check out the bars, pubs, restaurants, and karaoke venues that crowd this soi and don’t miss the lip-syncing performance out in front, not to mention the fashion shows.

Soi Twilight Silom (Soi Pratuchai)

This soi is located off Suriwong Road and is filled with lots of different bars, including go-go dance joints and sexy performance venues. Spend time exploring this amazing gay complex until you find a place – or several – that have what you’re looking for.

DJ Station Silom

DJ Station Silom is a great multi-story club in Bangkok that is essential to the nightlife here. Located at Silom Soi 2, this club features some lip-synching performers and lots of good-looking boys who dance on stage later in the night, sans shirts. The drinks aren’t expensive and the music is good, so don’t hesitate to head to DJ Station.


Babylon is DJ Station’s main competition. With plenty of ready and willing men, both Thais and international visitors, Babylon’s unique features include a gym, a pool, private rooms, saunas, and even a dark maze.

Chakran Sauna

The Chakran Sauna is more sumptuously decorated than many of its neighbors in Soi Ari 4. You’ll be in enviably close quarters with your fellow patrons and some performers in this paradise, which features a pool and sauna in addition to being a restaurant and lounge. Chakran Sauna even has a gym and dark rooms. Party in privacy but not in solitude here.

Bonus – Tawan Go-Go Bar

Tawan Go-Go Bar in Bangkok is the place to go for shows and is always packed. Size queens aren’t disappointed when they head to this bar, which is plenty of friendly staff members ready to welcome you in. Drinks are a bit expensive, but there’s no entrance fee, so come on in and enjoy.

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