4 Kick Ass Bars in Bangkok

4 Kick Ass Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for nightlife, perhaps more than anything else. The draw of cool bars and hot clubs is the one of the biggest attractions bringing millions of people to Bangkok every year.

But this fame brings its fair share of problems, as well. See, the people of Bangkok know you’re there for the nightlife, so there is no end to the bars and clubs and hangout spots vying for your attention, and if you’re going in blind, all you have to go on is the look and the name of the club.

Don’t go in blind. Use our handy guide to point you to some of the coolest bars in Thailand:

WTF Cafe & Gallery (Sukhumvit Soi 51)

WTF is actually one of the more laid-back places you can head out for drinks. The drinks are cheap-but-unique (and more importantly, delicious), and you can really just roll up wearing whatever and nobody will bat an eye. That’s actually pretty notable in oh-so-trendy Thong Lor.

WTF is a local and expat favorite, and is easily one of the least pretentious places you can enjoy a night out in Bangkok. Perfect if you want to go out for drinks and don’t want to feel like you’re in an implied fashion competition.


Cloud 47 (Silom Road)

*One of my favorite rooftop bars in Bangkok

Some bars in Bangkok are just there to set a mellow mood and make you feel at ease. They’re not out to blow you away, they’re just looking to help you unwind.

Cloud 47 is out to impress you, and it will probably succeed. Cloud 47 is a rooftop bar that boasts one of the better city views of Bangkok from – you guessed it – 47 stories up. And it adds to the rooftop ambiance pretty much everything else you’d want in a bar.

Rooftop bars are a pretty common occurrence in Thailand, and many of them feature swanky dress codes and overpriced drinks along with their mind-blowing view of the city. Not Cloud 47.

Cloud 47 features no dress code, and drinks that start at about the same price as the bars 47 stories below you. This is easily the best choice if you want a bar that gives you the rooftop experience without making you feel like you’re at a black-tie social.


Maggie Choo’s (Silom)

This is the “going all out” kind of bar in Bangkok. It isn’t cheap, but the style is unmatched and the cocktails are among the best you’ll find in the whole country.

Styled to resemble 1930s Shanghai, Maggie Choo’s features one of the best cocktail menus in the hemisphere, absurdly cool décor, and models swinging around from the ceiling, because why not?

If you’re really feeling like getting the full experience, try one of the private booths – located inside the East India Company’s old bank vaults.


Brown Sugar

When you decide on a place to go out, are you more interested in the drinks, or the music?

If you answered the latter, then you need to hit Brown Sugar. A jazz bar that has been in the business for 20+ years, this is definitely a place that puts the music – all performed by live bands – on the forefront.

The food and drink menus aren’t as unique or expansive as the other places on this list, but you’ll find something to satisfy you while you enjoy one of the best live music venues in Bangkok.


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