3 Bangkok Nightclubs You Should NOT Visit

3 Bangkok Nightclubs You Should NOT Visit
I’ve said it many times before, the nightlife of Bangkok Thailand has something for everyone. And as a foreigner visiting Thailand, you can go to some great clubs and pick up amazing beautiful women with just a little bit of effort.

But there are some clubs in Thailand that you shouldn’t waste your time with. These are the clubs that we refer to as, “Thai Only Clubs”.

These clubs will tend to have the hottest Thai women you’ll see outside of Pattaya. But take our word here, “It’s not worth it.”

Thai people go to these clubs to meet other Thai people…not foreigners.

Often the girls at these clubs will be looked down upon by her peers for simply talking with a foreigner.

While other times, foreigners will be physically assaulted for simply trying to talk with a girl…Thai racism at its best.

Here are three nightclubs you should NOT visit in Bangkok…if you are a foreigner.

1- Funky Villa (Thong Lor Soi 10)

This nightclub is very difficult to put on this list because of the simple fact that the women here are stunning. In fact, you’re guaranteed to see some of the most beautiful Thai girls of your life here.

But seeing is all you will be doing. Because the girls here will want nothing to do with you if you are not Thai or at least Asian.

If you want to see what Bangkok’s finest women look like, come here. But if you want to meet a sexy girl you will be taking home…go somewhere else.

2- Demo (Thong Lor Soi 10)

Very similar to Funky Villa, but with slightly less attractive girls…though they are still stunning.

Demo caters to the more upper class college crowd who love clubs where they are packed shoulder to shoulder making it possible to turn around without knocking over someone’s drink.

Where Funky at least has a nice outside area where you can chat, the majority of Demo is cramped, dark, and blaring shitty music with an abundance of Thai Racism.

The is probably the night club I hate most in Bangkok.

3- Wip 168 (Liberty Building Thong Lor)

Before the military started shutting down all the late night clubs early, Wip is where most of the party people from Funky Villa and Demo would go party after those clubs closed.

This place is commonly known as the nightclub where the security will physically harm foreigners for accidently bumping into the wrong person.

This club as a whole is simple a shit hole and should be avoided at all costs if you are a foreigner.

– – – – – – – – – –

As a whole, the Thong Lor area in Bangkok is known as the rich area and can be a great place to party.

But there are some clubs there that absolutely hate foreigners and should be avoided. And if not avoided, just know what you are getting into.

If you want to see some super attractive Thai girls, maybe check out Funky Villa for a drink or two on a weekend. But avoid Demo and Wip like the plague.

I give the above advice to all tourists. However, if you are living in Thailand, there are some exceptions to the rule.

For example, if you roll into one of these clubs with a Thai celebrity or with the chief of Police, your experience will drastically improve.

But if you are just an average tourist looking to party and have a great time, stick with Levels, Mixx, or Ku De Ta.

Enjoy Paradise,
-Gods of Thailand

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  • Thelma says:

    Yes man i was in Bangkok and also visit night club and enjoy a lot and i suggest people to go Bangkok and enjoy night life.

  • Mr. Perfect says:


    Inspired by your Articles am planning a Sex Holiday in Bangkok. Am an Indian. Can you please tell me how to plan my trip and which areas or clubs to avoid like you mentioned above are for all foreigners. But I want you to tell me for Indians specifically. Thanks in adv advance.

    • Don’t go to Soi Cowboy (Many GoGo’s there don’t let Indians in)

      Don’t go to Mixx Club. They also won’t let you in.

      I’ve haven’t written many articles on what places ban Indian guys. So do your research before you plan on partying. (Many places in Bangkok won’t let you in.)

  • BNG says:

    Great Heads Up – I was looking at Thong Lo as an option for our 3 day visit to Bangkok as i was reading that it is full of glamours, however, on reading your info here – we will give it a pass. Sad really but we’ll stick to Levels etc. Hey, at the end of the day, why go hitting up their turf when you know that the girls going to Farangsville are there for that reason.

  • Skins says:

    Good post I must admit I’ve never even partied in the Thong Lo area but I know people who go to Funky Villa all the time. Maybe I’ll go for a drink to check it out but stick to the “farang ghetto” of lower Suk. Plenty of fun to be had there anyways so who cares.

  • thibault says:

    thanks 7 for putting this. maybe the other bloggers were blinded by the smoking hot girls, they frequently tell people to try thai disco, but a sound advice,is better than wild optimism. especially if one s security can be at stake.
    yes, people will tell you to get out of the farang ghettos… well, maybe there is a reason that we stick to the ghettos. and they are not that horrible to be in, especially when there are trainloads of women flocking to them.
    this may require a confrontation with other bloggers, if you can reach some, maybe publishing a common paper?
    by the way, do you have any opinion on “in between ” clubs? i mean , if i m not confused , there is something between low sukhumvit and thong lor, its RCA, no? aint route 66, for example, a mixed club?

    • Hey Thibault,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, the fact is, as a foreigner in Thailand there are places you simply shouldn’t visit due to the lack of attention from the women and/or overly aggressive security guards that can do what they please without consequences.

      This site is designed to help guy make their Thailand trip fucking awesome, but also safe.

      Regarding your question: Yeah, I’d say that RCA is a good between place for Sukhumvit and Thong Lor. Depending the type of music you like, Route is always one of my favorite clubs. Or maybe even check out Onxy for a Thai style club without aggressive security and jealous guys that you’ll find in more traditional Thai clubs.

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