The Best After Party Clubs For Good Girls in Bangkok Thailand

bangkok thailand after party clubs

Around 2:30am – 3:00am all of the regular nightclubs will close.  Then it is the time of the night where you head to you a late night clubs in Bangkok.  These clubs will run from 3:00am to around 6:00am.

If you ask a taxi driver where to go, he will almost always tell you to go to Spicy, Bossy, or Insanity.  Taxi drivers get a huge commission for bringing customers to one of these places, which is much more than what the normal taxi cost would be.

The problem with going to one of these place is, they are all hooker clubs.  Thai good girls will rarely be interested in going to one of these places.

So where are the good girls going to party at 3am?   A lot of the time the good girls will go home, go to Thai only clubs, or one of these:

1- Scratch Dog (Sukhumvit Soi 20)
Very few hookers.  But this place tends to be loaded with Korean and Japanese men.  Which can make it a good place if you are a fairly good looking foreigner.

2- Mixx (973 Phloen Chit Road)
This place is most always hit or miss with good girls.  You have the best chance of finding the best ratio on weekends.

3- Levels After Dark (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
On weekdays you’ll usually only find high end prostitutes here, but on weekends you can find an okay amount of good girls that funnel in from Levels, Qbar, and Bed Super Club.

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All in all, the later the night is, the fewer “good girls” will be around.  So if you want to fuck the hottest possible “good girl”, lock her up by around 2:00am.  Or at least have her and her friends join you to one of these clubs.

It’s always better walking into one of these clubs with a few girls on your arm than walking in alone.  So around 2:30am, start talking to a few different girls and invite them to one of these after party clubs.

(Also note, I left out a few clubs in Thong Lor from this list because they are not foreign friendly.  If you want know what it is like to be completely ignored, check out Whip and Safehouse.)

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  • Mark S says:

    I don’t think Wip and SafeHouse are unfriendly to foreigners but they are majority Thai clubs. They are your 2 best bets to finding actual good girls in Bangkok after hour clubs where as Mixx, Bash and Scratch Dog will usually have a fair mix of pro’s.

    I’d say out the 3 you listed Bash is your best bet for meeting regular girls both Thai and farang. You get the Thai girls who believe the hype that it’s an ‘upscale’ nightclub and a place worth being seen in and the farang expat and tourists who drink in Soi 11 because they feel they are a bit above Kowsan Road.

    • Yeah, Bash has a lot of potential, but I find it’s still hit or miss. It really depends on which company is doing the promoting for that month. But I just learned they are investing more money into it, so it could be the go-to place for 2014.

      I’d like to see it become my number one after party place, but Scratch Dog has just been so damn good to me this year. While Mixx is all hookers on weekdays with a much better ratio on weekends.

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