Random Daytime Activity in Bangkok – Go Play Laser Tag

bangkok laser tag

If you and your friends find yourself a little bored in Bangkok with not much to do during the day (which can happen since the real magic of Bangkok comes alive when the sun goes down), go play laser tag.

Not something I’ll do every day, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun.

Have a few drinks…maybe a few puffs…and you are ready to go.

It’s easy – you put on a vest, grab your laser gun (!!!), and jump into a two-story labyrinth full of waist-high cover, sniping perches, and even power-ups. Unlike paintball or AirSoft, you don’t need a helmet, goggles, or any kind of expensive equipment. Just slip on the vest and you’re good.

Price isn’t cheap, nor is it expensive. 350 baht gets you a 15-minute game, and 300 baht gets you in for subsequent games. There are different game modes, too. You can go with Solo Play, where it’s just you against everyone else in the room. If you’re more the cooperative type, play teams or Red Vs. Blue. And if you’re into the whole survival horror theme, play Alien Invasion – where one player acts as the alien and “infects” the other players by shooting them and switching their team alliance.

In any case, the object is simple: Shoot and don’t get shot. Stick to cover, keep moving, and try to keep your opponents in sight. The more hits you land, the more you score. You can get shot an unlimited number of times, but doing so gets your gun deactivated for 3 seconds, and gets points for the shooter.

Laser tag hasn’t been widely available in Thailand, but you can play it in Bangkok. It’s now available on the 5th floor of the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit Hotel. It’s open to ages 7 and up, so it works as well for the whole family as it does for just a few of your friends.


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