The 5 Best Bangkok Nightclubs for Good Girls

good girl nightclubs in bangkok thailand

Tired of having to “pay to play”?  If so, check out some of these nightclubs full of “good girls” in Bangkok Thailand.

Below is a list of the best 5 nightclubs in Bangkok for “good girls”.  Just a quick reminder, we classify “good girls” as girls who have normal jobs and who have never had sex for money.

Nightclub 1- Levels (Sukhumvit Soi 11)

Our pick for 2013 best new nightclub.  This place is awesome!  Check it out on Friday and Saturday nights.  Get there early around 11:30pm to get a table.

Nightclub 2- Route 66 on RCA

This is an oldie but a goodie.  There is no place in Thailand that you will find a better selection of college girls who prefer foreigners.  The music is good and the place is packed on weekends.

Nightclub 3- Mixx (PHLOEN CHIT ROAD)

Hit or miss.  On weekdays this place will have mostly hookers.  However, on weekends this is one place to check out.  There are plenty of girls with office jobs that come here on the weekends to drink, dance, and meet a guy.

Nightclub 4- Scratch Dog (Sukhumvit Soi 20)

One of my favorite after party clubs in Bangkok.  Don’t come here before 3am.  This place is usually filled with Koreans and Japanese men, however there are plenty of girls to choose from.  Not the easiest place to meet girls, but with a little game you won’t be going home alone.

Nightclub 5- Funky Villa (Thong Lor)

Not an easy place to pick up Thai girls because this is mostly a Thai club.  However, the girls are young, sexy, and ready to party it up.  As a foreigner, just play it chill – get eye contact first, then approach.

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So if you want to save a little money or experience many of the “good girls” in Thailand, party it up at one of these places and see where the night takes you!

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  • David Higgins says:

    Really like the website at lest gives people a idea of where to start thinking nana plaza is a no brainer but even then helps to know the best places

  • Alain says:

    It seems all clubs in Bangkok are closed at 2 o clock because of The army rules??? 🙁
    Also your website is talking about bed super club which is closet already for more then a year.

  • Greg says:

    For good girls, are there any good places to hit on weekdays? Or will it be dead most places? Im coming to Bangkok first week of November 2014

    • RCA is pretty solid. Check out Route 66. But make sure you get a well placed table “inside”. Outside will have slim pickings.

      Also, I’ve had good luck with Mixx club on weekdays. Lots of hookers, but you can meet some very attractive “good girl sluts” there.


  • Sean says:

    Have lived in Thailand for 1 year and I have to say that what this guy writes is pretty spot on. Yes, it is very generalized and if you want to take exception with certain things you can. But for the most part, when he says a club is going to be packed with guys on a Saturday and filled with hot chicks on Monday, he is right. I don’t agree 100% with everything he says but he has never written anything on here that I thought was complete bs.

  • Teddy says:

    Route 66 is HORRIBLE!!!! I had my phone stolen from my pocket tonight. If you want a crowded place where theives steal from you, where staff don’t give a fuck go there. HORRIBLE!!!

    • Can’t say I’ve agree with this. I’ve been to Route 66 close to a 100 times in my life and never had an issue there. (Nor has any of my friends.)

      But then again, bad things happen to certain people sometimes.

      1- Regarding the staff, they are fucking busy. When you walk into Route, find a waitress and offer her a 200 baht (6usd) tip for a table. They will then arrange everything for you.

      2- Never get a table inside. Stay outside.

      3- Avoid the Thai side of Route and stick to the area where they play English music. You will have much more fun.

      Anyways man, sorry to hear about your phone. But shit happens.

      • Sean says:

        Completey agree. The farang tax is a little annoying but at least you get it all back in cash vouchers. As far as honest and well run places go Route is fine. If I had a friend visiting this would be one of the first places I took them. Good mix of Thai girls open to meeting foreigners and enough foreigners that you don’t feel out of place (like you will in Wip or Funky). But I will say that from my experience it can be hard to close here. Most of the girls come there in large groups so if you are there alone it can be hard to approach them. Granted, Thai girls don’t clock block like chicks in the west, but compared to places like Mixx and Levels where the girls usually go with just one or two friends, approaching is much harder. And, because the girls here are not working, it can be more challenging to get one home. It happens and I have done it, but if you don’t live here it becomes much harder. Definitely go because it is a great time, but if you haven’t locked something down by 1:30-2:00 cut your losses and head to one of the late night clubs.

  • Walter says:

    Question: I’m 65 years old; 5’4; bald, short beard. Do I have a chance messing with a Thai woman? Where should I look around?

    • Actually, from what I hear, the older you are – the more you’ll enjoy Thailand and Thai women. Will you be pulling smoking hot 20 year old models at Levels Club…probably not. But that is only .0001% of the women in Thailand.

      Whether you are young or old, skinny or fat, rich or poor, etc… Thailand has something for everyone. (And your options will be a hell of alot better here than in USA or Europe.


  • John Rennie says:

    I still want to know how an ‘ancient’ can enjoy himself. That is are there gentle type prostitutes around = are they to be found in the massage parlours?


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