Insider Guides to Online Dating in Thailand

Insiders Guide to Online Dating in Thailand

I’m often asked, “What is the best AND easiest way to meet attractive Thai women?”

I’ve been living in Thailand for over 5 years and this has been a question that I’ve dedicated much of my life in Thailand to answer.

The thing is, Thai women are absolutely amazing. The average Thai woman is far more beautiful and loving than the average western woman. And there is no other place in the world – including Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe – that you can meet and sleep with such beautiful women with so little effort.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the “Secrets of Online Dating in Thailand” that has taken my friends and I years to learn.

Among many other things, I will show you what websites are worth your time and how NOT to get scammed. Read through them at your convenience, or you can dive directly to the source and sign up directly with our number one pick, Thai Friendly

The Best Website for Online Dating in Thailand

best-online-dating-website-thailand1Every year for the last 5 years, a group of friends and I try out the major Thai dating websites to see which one is the best.

We rate each website by a variety of factors:
Response Rate (How often you get a reply from a girl)
Hotness (How hot are the girls)
Quantity (Amount of new members)
Quality (Are the girls hookers or good girls. Do the girls have money or poor village girls)

This year’s winner was no surprise, it has been the best website for online dating since the beginning….

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Secrets to Online Dating in Thailand

secrets online dating thailandI’ll get straight to it, online dating in America is useless. The girls are ugly, uneducated, and are mostly looking for a free diner. (Unless you are looking for a 40 year old woman who has kids and a flabby stomach, forget about online dating in America.)

In Thailand, online dating is a different story. The women you meet online are attractive, educated, and well worth your time.

Last year in Bangkok I first experimented with online dating for one month.

These Are My Results:
– Throughout the month I had more “dates” than I could handle
– I only met and slept with attractive women between the ages of 18 and 25
– I eventually met a girlfriend who I stayed with for 6 months

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3 Dating Website in Thailand that Actually Work

Online dating can either be a complete waste of time or can be the best and easiest way to meet and sleep with very attractive Thai women.

Although online dating is not the only way of meeting Thai women, it can be very effective for the times that you are either outside of Thailand or simply too lazy to hit the clubs or bars.

There are more than 20 online dating website in Thailand, only a few of them worth your time. These 3 websites are proven to be very successful for men of all ages.  Take a look and find the Thai girl of your dreams.

Below are the 5 websites that actually work!

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Is Online Dating in Thailand Worth it?

is-online-dating-thailand-worth-itI’m often asked this question, is online dating in Thailand really worth it? Or is it just a scam where website owners get a referral bonus for referring customers.

To be honest, in most of the world online dating is a scam. Try it in USA or Europe and you’ll know what I mean. (Unless you like ugly – fat women, then you will most likely steer clear of dating site.)

However, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is a lot of value when it comes to online dating in Thailand. In fact, I’m always signed up for at least two websites when I’m in Bangkok.

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3 First Date Options for Thai Girls in Thailand

first date with thai girls in thailandWhen the time comes to meeting these women for the first time, I tend to keep it simple and inexpensive. You don’t want to spend too much time or money on a woman you are meeting for the first time.

The first date is NOT meant to WOW her, it is designed to build a little comfort before you take her home.

Do not try to impress her with fancy diners or expensive wine. Thai people rarely appreciate such things, most of the time they are just as happy with noodle soup which costs about two dollars…

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Online Dating Tip – Thai Girls Don’t Like…

advice online dating in thailandThis is a quick tip that will drastically increase the replies you get from girls when doing online dating in Thailand.

Last year a reader made a side comment that he received a much better response rate from Thai girls when he used photos on his profile that did NOT have him with facial hair.

Once I heard this, a couple friends and I played around with this idea to see if he was right. The outcome…

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How To Find Wife Material On Thai Cupid

how to find wife material using thai cupidThis is a guest post from Sebastian who explains how you can meet Thai girls who are “wife material” by using the Thailand dating website, Thai Cupid.

In this article, the author gives great tips like:
– How to create a reputable profile
– Ignore the sluts
– Using advance search methods
– Avoiding beggars and much more…

We’ve said this many times in the past, online dating is not just for the casual hook up or for those looking only for a long term relationship, online dating in Thailand really does have something for everyone.

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