The Only Cool Nightclub in Sathorn – Ce La Vi Bangkok Nightclub

Ce La Vi Bangkok Club Lounge

Sathorn is more known for being a business district of Bangkok, not nightlife. But there is one spot that is often overlooked.

Ce La Vi Bangkok Club Lounge

Ce La Vi Bangkok, formerly known as Ku De Ta Bangkok, is one of the most glamorous venues money can get you into. If you’re not dressing to blow the doors off the place, then don’t even bother showing up. That goes for you and everyone else – which means once you’re inside, everybody looks good.

Ce La Vi is an impressive venue in every way. The drink selection is purely top-shelf, as is the music selection, the lighting, the sound system, and the professional dancers writhing around on stage. Whether you’re on the dance floor surrounding the DJ booth, at a table with your group, or enjoying a cocktail at the bar.

The kind of experience you’ll have a Ce La Vi Bangkok largely depends on what night you go. Wednesday night is ladies night with a dance- friendly classic hip-hop soundtrack, free entry and sparkling wine all night. Thursday is house night.

The weekend generally brings a crowd-pleasing collection of party pop, but it can really vary from night to night, and a world-class DJ ensures nobody who wants to dance will be left out in the cold.

Ce La Vi Bangkok boasts not only a glamorous crowd, but a broadly international one as well. Ce La Vi’s brand is synonymous with style and sophistication, and everything about the approach to the club reflects that for guests from all over the world. From a private elevator leading to the club to a personal escort leading you to the entrance, you’ll start feeling like a VIP before you even enter the place.

The service throughout the experience is as excellent as you would expect, the cocktails are about Thailand’s best, and if you ever need a break from the bumping dance floor, you can always take a breather out on the open-air terrace with a breathtaking view out over central Bangkok.

Ce La Vi Bangkok is what I call a “good looking club”. The guys and girls that go here are both good looking and very well dressed. The number of guys just about double the number of girls. But if you have some game, you can meet very attractive AND successful women here. (Often the go to spot for educated Thai women who prefer foreigners.)

Located on the 39th of Sathorn Square Tower

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