Hooters Restaurant Now in Bangkok

Hooter Restaurant Now in Bangkok

There are some times when I’m in Thailand and I just want some decent American food. Not McDonalds or shit like that, but some good buffalo wings, ribs, big ass burgers, etc…

I do have to admit, I’m way behind in the game in writing about this…

Hooters isn’t one of my favorite places to eat, but I like to drop by about once a month to meet the Hooter girls and get some food.

For those of you that don’t know what Hooters is…..

Bars don’t get much more American than Hooters, and Bangkok’s variety is no exception. All the perks you would expect from a Hooters are right there: the flirty girls, the outfits, the wings, the live sports on TV, the huge portions, and of course, the actual “hooters” themselves.

There are some local Thai food on the menu, but this Hooters, located in the Four Points by Sheraton in Sukhumvit, is all about classic American fare in huge portions. The famous chicken wings are there in full force with all the flavors you’d expect. You can build your own burger, get a rack of ribs, and enjoy pretty much the exact selection of drinks you want them to have.

The Hooter girls all speak English and are pretty hot. (If you have some “game”, exchange numbers and set up a date for later that night.)

Hooters in Thailand is so similar to its American counterparts. Well, that is until the dance routines start up. The hot Hooter girls are both servers and dancers. Every 30 minutes they take to the stage to perform a brief dance routine before returning to the serving floor. So you have something to watch even if there aren’t any good sporting events on.

Aside from the dance routines, there isn’t anything to really set Bangkok’s Hooters franchise apart from any other. You know exactly what you’re getting when you walk through the door, so if you need a break from the constant exploration and surprises, and you just want to satisfy your homesickness with some simple pleasures, you know where to go.

Related Fact: They are in the process of adding Hooters and Hardrock on Koh Samui.

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