5 Kick Ass Bars in Thong Lor Bangkok

5 Kick Ass Bars in Thong Lor Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, often ranking as the #1 most visited city in the world. Many who really know Thailand, will tell you that Thong Lor is one of the most under visited part of Bangkok for tourists.

Thonglor, has some of the best bars in Bangkok visited by the rich and famous of Thailand. This is Thailand’s high society district.

Here are 5 kick ass bars in Thong Lor that you should visit:

Seenspace (#1 Choice)

Okay, here’s the situation. It’s time to pick your spots to go for the night. You want to hit up as many different places as possible. Where do you start? Why not a place that lets you try a bunch all at once? Seenspace isn’t really one place, it’s a complex of several nightlife hangouts all shoved in together.

Grab one of the elusive outdoor tables and you can just order from all of them and get them delivered to your table. Grab a craft beer from Brew, or a cocktail from Clouds, or hit up Fat’r Gut’z and Belon Raw for food.

You will see some of the hottest girls in Bangkok here. And of course, you will see some of the richest guys in Bangkok here. Dress nice and enjoy the good food and good drinks.



Iron Fairies

Want to go out somewhere that reminds you of a fairytale? Like a real fairytale, dark and brooding, Brothers Grimm-style? Iron Fairies takes its decorative inspiration from a fairytale the designer wrote himself.

So you’re literally being taken to a fantasy realm here. Iron Fairies is a dark and super-stylized spot, with live music every night and signature cocktails to enjoy with a killer atmosphere


Game Over Lounge

When you think gaming, you don’t generally think “Thailand,” but gamer culture has reached every corner of the globe. That’s why there is Game Over Lounge, for those who can’t choose whether to hit the bar or the arcade. Grab a signature burger for 200-300 baht, an imported craft ale, and then PLAY.

Game Over Lounge has PCs, Playstation, Xbox, a pool table, foosball, and a selection of board games. They have a membership option for the expats and locals, but you can also just show up and pay by the hour if you want to just drop by to wreck the locals in FIFA over a beer real quick.


Roof Hideaway at Muse

See, now this one is just convenient. Sometimes a night out has to start with a nice, quiet dinner and some cocktails before you get crazy. But of course, you don’t want to go too far from the action to get it.

Roof Hideaway is a laid-back bar and restaurant with tons of greenery that just happens to be on the roof of the bumping Muse Nightclub. Start at the top, try some unique Thai fusion and a world-class cocktail for dinner, and work your way down to the party.

Great for pre-party.



Bad Motel is a three-floor bar with a nice courtyard garden, and every area has a different feel to it. The first floor is the main bar, and it’s a deliberately rough setting. The second and third floors are a little more artsy, and the courtyard garden is… well, let’s just say that’s where you take a date you want to impress.

Bad Motel does have one thing in common with a bad motel, though – the prices are way more reasonable that the surrounding places.


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