List of After Party Clubs in Bangkok Thailand – Late Night Clubs Open After 2:30am

They say Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps, not true. Bangkok Thailand is where you can easily party well into the next day.

Most clubs in Bangkok will close at 2:30am. This is a list of night clubs that stay open beyond that. Below that you will find a breakdown of each club and our recommendations:

– Insomnia Club
– Mixx
– Climax Club
– Scratch Dog
– Bossy Club
– Spicy Club
– Swing
– Narz
– Shock 39
– Cliff
– Wip

Insomnia Club (Sukhumvit Soi 12)

– Usually “good” till around 5am.
– Has a very cute staff working as dancers.
– A mix of freelance and good girls. About 70 / 30 on most nights.
– Free entrance if you order a drink at the V8 Diner which is next to the club.
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.
– Do not come here on Friday and Saturday night, way too many men. Any other night you’ll see a good female to male ratio.

Mixx (Phloen Chit Road)

– Usually “good” till around 5am.
– Here you will find the hottest freelancers in Thailand.
– Mix of freelancers and good girls. Around 70 / 30
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.
– The managers prides himself on this being a good place for businessmen. Which means most of the freelancers will try to overcharge you, 75usd – 150usd. 

Climax Club (Sukhumvit Soi 11)

– Usually “good” till around 5am.
– Few attractive girls.
– Not one of our recommend spots.
– High ratio of freelancers.
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.

Scratch Dog (Sukhumvit Soi 20 in Windsor Hotel)

– Usually “good” till around 6am.
– Mostly a Thai club.
– High good girl ratio.
– Not easy to pick up women here. But will be worth it.
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.

Bossy Club (Near Sri Ayudhaya)

– Usually “good” till around 6am.
– Very high ratio of freelance girls.
– Not the best selection of quality women most nights.
– Free taxi from anywhere in Bangkok to Bossy. (The drivers get a commission.)
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.
– We recommend you only come here when the police are closing all the other after party clubs early*.

Spicy Club (Rong Muang 1)

– Usually “good” till around 6am.
– Very high ratio of freelance girls.
– Not the best selection of quality women most nights.
– Free taxi from anywhere in Bangkok to Spicy. (The drivers get a commission.)
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.
– Right next to the after-after hours club, “Swing”.
– We recommend you only come here with the police are closing all the other after party clubs early*.

Swing (Rong Muang 1)

– Free entrance.
– Mix of freelancers and good girls, 80 / 20
– Stays open till noon.
– Across the street from Spicy.
– Do not come here before 5am.
– Small club, but nice lounge area with 4 pool tables.


– Free entrance.
– One of the only clubs in RCA that stays open past 2:30am.
– Best on Friday and Saturday nights.
– There is a promoter named Ty that will take good care of you.
– Mostly all good girls. Warning though, this is not the easiest place for foreigners to pick up Thai girls, but the girls are worth it. Very high quality.

Narz (Sukhumvit Soi 23)

– Usually free entrance.
– Use to be one of our recommended clubs, but since 2012 this club has lost popularity.
– Don’t bother on weekdays. If there is a chance of it being good, it will be on Friday or Saturday.

Shock 39 (Petchaburi Soi 39)

– Usually “good” till around 6am.
– Nearly all freelancers.
– Not one of our recommended places. Very high ratio of men.
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.
– Strange fact, for some reason Shock 39 has the highest concentration of “black” men than any other club in Thailand.

Cliff (Khao San Road)

– Usually “good” till around 5am.
– 100 baht cover charge.
– Mixture of freelancers and good girls.
– Located in Khao San Road, so be wary of lady boys.

Wip (Soi Thong Lor)

– Usually open past 2:30am
– Thai club. Don’t bother unless you can speak Thai or have great game.
– 300 baht cover charge. Free entrance if you order a bottle.

P.S. About three months out of every year, the Bangkok police will crack down on underground casino gambling. For some reason, whenever this happens, most of the late night clubs on this list will be shut down at 3am. (Exceptions are: Bossy, Spicy, and Swing)

P.P.S. Although there are more late night clubs in Bangkok, these are the ones we tend to frequent the most.

P.P.P.S. If you like to drink when you go out, it’s probably best to order a bottle of Vodka or Whiskey. This saves you from the cover charge and over priced drinks at the bar.

Also, if you don’t finish the bottle, the club will hold it for you and give you free entrance next time you come.

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  • jesper says:

    some times i like to take some drugs. what nightclub is best if i want to be sure to avoid police raid?
    can you make a post about police urine tests, ? what happens when getting caught and things like that

    • Yeah, I’ll put that on the list of things to write about it.

      Occasionally they raid clubs and do drug tests, but it is VERY rare. And when they do raid, a lot of the times they let foreigners just go.

      My friends and I have never been clubbing during a rate. But my associates who like to go hard core when they party, simply don’t do drugs at clubs anymore. They say it’s not worth it and with the military in charge, it is much more difficult to bribe your way out of things.

      Better just to party with alcohol when you are out, and do whatever you want at the after party.

  • Kevin says:

    Nice read, good info. I wish there were some details for gay guys too. I have put up and suffered through all the rookie mistakes that you have and it’s even more challenging when your in a place like Bali which does have a great gay scene just took me three trips around the globe to learn about it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Jason says:

    Hey so is there any new after party clubs that are still available even after the military took control? would love to know as i’m heading to bangkok in a month’s time

    • As of now, nearly all the clubs are being shut down at 2:00 – 2:30am. Though sometimes, Spicy is still open.

      Really the only way to know for sure is wait until 2:30am and ask the taxi drivers.

      • Bangkok Born says:

        Since the military took control, all night life places at Bangkok have to be shut down at 0200. If you are good enough at observation, you will realize a tremendous drop of local Thai people going to party. It is just a waste of time to enter and pay a few thousands Baht just to enjoy for 2 to 3 hours.

        • I agree. It does suck. But you can still get a solid 3 hours in which is…okay.

          Places like RCA and Levels is just as packed as always. It’s just there are no more afterparty clubs in the city center. So you create an afterparty at your hotel, or maybe you are lucky and Spicy / Mix / Bossy isn’t shut down that specific night.

          • Bangkok Born says:

            There is still no good news for the recover of nightlife business hours at Bangkok. All the clubs are still closing before 0230 hour. Midnight clubs are having the most negative impact as the main source of customers of mid night clubs are prostiutions from agogo or spa who wish to find extra income after the agogo or massage parlors close at 0200. This means they have nowhere to find such extra income since clubs are also close the moment they finish their agogo or massage parlor jobs. Business are not as great as usual except for tourists who are still visiting while local Thai are reducing tremendously.

  • Chris says:

    This must be there 3 month crackdown. Last night (wed into thur) mixx, spicey, and climax closed at 3am. Or is that normal on weekday?

    • Actually, this is still “leftover” from when the Thai military took control of the government.

      Before the club owners bribed the police to stay open past 3am. But that doesn’t work with the military. So now more times than not, most of the late night clubs will be closed.

  • Travers says:

    I seem to have terrible luck with discos in bkk. The girls I am interesting are really aloof and difficult to talk to, a bit snobbish, while the girls that are interested easy, don’t seem to hold much interest for me. In the end I always go back to the hotel alone. Still at least I don’t have to worry about valuables missing in the morning 555. Still I’ve had some good nights of heavy drinking, but no luck with the ladies.

  • Ronny says:

    Can you please tell me witch club is best for Tuesday night.
    Where I can meet lots of girls thanks

  • Steven says:

    I have gone to WIP a handful of times recently, and they ditched the no shorts rule, and also the no camera rule. Everything seems to fly now, even the tough-guy bouncers beating up patrons for apparently no reason at all. The final draw was when one of the kids there who was a friend of the bouncer showed my friend a box of bullets and told him to stop talking to a girl because the bouncer wanted to talk to her. I will never go back here and advise anyone from going here. I asked my local friends about this place and they avoid it like the plague due to the shady owner and his even dodgier bouncers who seem to love starting drama for no reason.

    • Wow, sounds like you continued to have a shitty time at Wip.

      I personally don’t like Wip and I don’t recommend that any goes there. But my reasons are a little different, the girls that go there aren’t really into foreigners…and then of course you have the shady boyfriend issue to deal with.

      My advice is simple, go where you are appreciated. There are so many other better places in Bangkok than Wip.

      • Steven says:

        I gave WIP a numerous amount of chances, the last two times were probably the last straw for me. I don’t like to go out and fear for the safety of my friends and me. The vibe I got was also not as friendly compared to Route 66 which I love. For a foreigner, what do you all think of Scratch Dog?

        • Yeah, I’m with you on that. I rarely if ever go to Whip anymore.

          I’m a big fan of Scratch Dog and have been having a VERY high ratio of meeting and taking on good girls the first night I meet them. Get a bottle, find a table in the middle, and just be a friendly guy.


  • mak says:

    hey homer
    i’m going to be in bkk from the 30th till the 4th. i’d be happy to hop on to this party bus as well.

  • Homer says:

    Hey Slaughter,

    I will be in Bangkok the last three weeks and if you are around and ant to hit the clubs together, let me know. Its always fun with a crowd!!

  • Homer says:

    Hey Happy Campers!!!

    I will be in Bangkok as another farang looking for a hot girls in about 10 days and will stay till the end of April. Could someone please advise on the late night clubs? What are the best ones to go to? Is this order pretty good –

    also, any other farangs in town during this time frame that would like to get together and share a beer and a story, let me know. Its always better to go out with a buddy than alone!

    Cheers Gents,

  • Slaughter says:

    First off thanks for all the stories and info. I’m visiting Thailand for the first time for my b-day in april. I plan on staying at penthouse in pattaya the first few days and finding a place in bangkok the last few.
    1. Do you think thats a good plan or should I stick with one location for the week?
    2. Since I’m traveling alone it would be great if you have a spare night to hit the clubs.

    • Hey Slaugher,

      Glad you found the info on this website helpful.

      Good choice with Penthouse Hotel. As mentioned, this is one of my favorite places to stay at while I’m in Pattaya. You’ll know what I mean when you walk into the room.

      1- I guess the answer to this will vary from person to person. Personally, when I visit a new location for the first time, I like to bounce around hotels every 3 days. Consider staying in Penthouse for a few days then check into a nice 4 – 5 star hotel for a bit of luxury.

      2- Pattaya is the city of whoring. Bounce around the gogo clubs and beer bars. After 2:30am, go to Insomnia Nightclub. This is one of my favorite night clubs in Pattaya and is FULL of some VERY nice looking freelancers.

      Anyways man, take care and have a blast!

    • syd says:

      hey guys,

      i will be in bangkok from 28th april till 3th may. will be traveling alone anyone free to hit the club. let me know

  • Lorenzo says:

    Good stuff as usual man. Some comments:
    When I was living in BKK (end of 2010, early 2011), Climax was crazy fun and the cover was 150B. Now you say it’s 300b? Damn! Also, a good trick to not pay entrance at Climax: get in a cab with another farang this way, you won’t pay a penny for cover there as the club pays the cab driver a nice commission. I’ve done it numerous times and even saw the cabbie happily collect his share after dropping us.
    Narz: I went there twice, once on a sunday night, it was free entrance but the club was almost empty but didn’t matter to me as I had a sexy girl with me anyways. The following week, went again with the same girl and her girlfriend to Narz on a Saturday night and there was a crazy long line up outside, (good talent tough both farang and Thai girls) but the cover was 600B/person.
    When I was there, I heard that on wednesday nights, there’s a model night at one of the clubs on soi 11 in BKK (the one that looks like a space ship, forgot the name). Is that true? Have you checked it?
    Damn I miss BKK so much! Gotta get my butt there asap!

  • Erik says:

    Spicy and Bossy I would simply avoid. The times I’ve been have been horrible crowd of foreign tourists (the Kao San crowd), ladyboys and some very ugly women. Very dark and loud which promises lots of regrets.

    I think coming in a group with some girls already significantly raises your odds in places like Scratch Dog. Even white women. Just anything to set you apart from the sexual predator stereotype.

    • Yeah, I tend to only recommend Spicy and Bossy when the police do there yearly thing and shut down the after party clubs for a few weeks. (When this happens, Spicy and Bossy are the only clubs open after 2:30am and higher quality girls will go party there.)

      Personally, I have a low success ratio with Scratch Dog, even when I travel with Thai guys and hot Thai girls.

      You can pull girls here, but you’ll need some tight game to pull the hottest girls due to Thai racism of foreigners with wanna-be high-so girls. And when you’re in Bangkok, why settle for average girls when you can have the best.

      (The racism isn’t as bad as Thong Lor, but it does exist in Scratch Dog.)

  • Wade says:


    When people ask me what “game” or strategies” I run when picking up girls in Bangkok, I normally don’t respond with any concrete methods. You don’t need to game girls who are already ridiculously promiscuous at the base. Although picking up would always be in the back of my mind, it’s never a forefront issue when I am drinking with my mates at a club.

    “Make sure to have fun and the pussy will come!”

  • spoonfork says:

    @ Wade

    What are your strategies for picking up girls from Scratch Dog and Wip then, assuming you “look the part”?

  • Wade says:

    Ya, it’s difficult to pickup from Sdog and Wip…if you are falang.

    Keep in mind that a lot of people who go to these clubs aren’t just Thai, but also Korean, Japanese and North American Asians. What I am trying to say is, you can pickup here, but you have to look the part.

  • RichieP says:

    Nice, cheers for the info. Where do you like for normal hours clubbing? RCA has been my fave so far, but always looking for other cool places with chicks in that middle-class sweet spot!
    Im in Bangkok now, could use a good wingman if you’re up for smashing some whiskey and girlies.

    • Hey,

      RCA is probably the best area in Bangkok. For normal clubing hours, I usually go to Route 66 on the weekends and Slim on the weekdays.

      Also, you can check out Insomnia around 1am. But only go between Sundays and Thursdays.

      Just left Bangkok. I’m checking out Chiang Mai then going to be hitting the islands.

      Best of luck with the hunt 🙂

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