Top 5 Places to Party for New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

Top 5 Places to Party for New Year’s Eve in Bangkok
The time is almost here…New Year’s Eve…aka, one of the best party nights of the year!

If you find yourself in Bangkok for this event and not quite sure were to go, here are our top 5 places to party for New Year’s Eve:

1- RCA (Route 66)

One of the biggest and best parties in Bangkok. RCA street is known as having some of the best nightclubs in Thailand. But for New Year’s Eve party, they turn this into one giant party for Thai people and foreigners alike.

2- Khao San Road

While always filled with backpackers and Thai university students taking advantage of the cheap drink prices. Khao San Road is one of the best places to party in Thailand if you want a more relaxed / friendly vibe. Whether you want to dress up or wear shorts with flip flops, Khao San Road on New Year’s Eve will accommodate you.

3- Narz

Never a bad option. Narz opens its doors and throws a huge party in the parking lot as well as inside the nightclub featuring three different dance floors. Mostly Thai people, but will still have a very friendly and welcoming vibe for foreigners.

4- Level Nightclub

One of the best and trendiest nightclubs in Bangkok. If you are looking to get dressed up, order a bottle of fine liquor, and enjoy a great DJ; come here. Though you’ll want to get here well before 11pm, because this place gets fucking packed!

5- Private Party

If crowds aren’t your thing, create your own private party in you hotel or villa. Contact who can arrange anything from a Thailand naked sushi girl to sexy escorts. Then enjoy your New Year’s Eve with amazing girls who will treat you like a king!

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Have a great New Year’s gentlemen. Enjoy paradise!
-Gods of Thailand

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