Welcome to the official “Gods of Thailand” website.

The information contained on this site goes well beyond just one person. This is a collection of advice from hundreds of people who have traveled to and / or lived in Thailand.

It’s really quite simple; this is the information we wish we knew stepping off the plane for the first time in Bangkok.

This website started with the idea of offering tips from the “pros” to the newcomers of Thailand to make sure you have the best fucking time – without falling into the traps that many tourists get caught in.

However, in the last year, this site has grown into much more.

Warning, this Website is Not for Everyone!

Everything contained in this website is real information by real people designed to teach the reader three things:

The Real Man’s Travel Guide to Thailand
If you’re looking for the cheapest possible living conditions and crappy restaurant recommendations because some hippy befriended the owner of the establishment, go buy a Lonely Planet.  In fact, if you own a Lonely Planet, this website is not for you.

This is the Real Man’s Travel Guide to Thailand.

Hilarious Stories and More
Visiting Thailand is not only about living like a god in paradise, it’s also about stepping outside of your comfort zone and having the time of your life. Whether you stay here for one week or one decade, there’s always a new experience waiting right around the corner.

Throughout this website we’ve shared some of our favorite and extreme stories of our time living in Thailand. They are not only hilarious, but also contain valuable information.

Gods of Thailand Lifestyle
Want to live like a rock star for $5,000 a month?  How about for $1,500 a month?  This is more than possible in Thailand.  Get a house on the beach, party as much as you want, and have your choice of beautiful women.  This is only part of what it means to be a “God of Thailand.”

Sit back, read our stories, laugh at our experiences, and learn from us.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

If you want this lifestyle, it can be yours.

See you in paradise,
-Gods of Thailand

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