How to “Rent” a Thai Girlfriend for Sex in Chiang Mai Thailand

How to “Rent” a Thai Girlfriend for Sex in Chiang Mai Thailand
Here is a question I recently received from a VIP member asking about “Renting” a Thai girlfriend for a week in Chiang Mai Thailand with my advice below. Hope you guys find this helpful:

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I am going to Chiang Mai Thailand for the first time in **/**/****

I basically want to have a girlfriend/travel companion while I am there. Probably want to have one for about one to two weeks and then move on and get another one and every one to two weeks.

I am on a budget so how much do you think it would cost per week or per month to have a ”girlfriend” while I am there.

I would rather pay for it for the first couple months, just because it would be easier than trying to pick up a local nice girl. And then my last couple months I would like to pick up a local nice girl instead of paying for it directly.

What advice can you give me?

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Hey D,

Very cool.  And welcome to Thailand!

I can’t say Chiang Mai is bad, I think I got spoiled with the rest of Thailand before I visited there, and it doesn’t really match up well with me. Though I have many friends who love CM. So I’m sure you’ll have a good time. (And it does help that you have a buddy to show you the ropes.)

Doing the “girlfriend / companion” is a always a good choice. For this, you have two solid options:

1- Go Out and Meet “Good Girls”

You’ll find that once you sleep with one these types of girls, they won’t want to leave your side. So after sex, you basically have an instant girlfriend. The cost will be free, but you’ll most likely be expected to pay for meals and stuff.

2- Bar Girl / Freelancer Route

I’ve done this many times. Meet a girl at a bar, paid for a night with her and liked her so much that I wanted to keep her around a bit. If she likes your company, there is a good chance you will only have to pay her bar fine of 300 baht (10usd) a day. And then she’ll often stay with you for free.

Or if not for free, just negotiate a price. Say that you really like her, but you are on a budget. Will it be okay if you give her 500 baht a day (15usd) which includes the bar fine, or whatever works best for you and your situation.

With these girls it’s best to be upfront, honest, and not afraid to talk about money.

My advice is, don’t think about it too much before you are even here. Relax and know you’re about to have a great time. When you go out, smile at a girl that makes eye contact with you. If she smiles back or gives you that shy look, approach. (Sometimes you can even smile and wave the girl to you, and she’ll approach you.)

Anyways man, hope this helps.

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  • thimmapuramuniswamy venkatesh says:

    Hi i like thai girls…plz let me know if any

  • stevie weevie says:

    im on a budget–!000 u s dollars per month–am 63 in not the best health but ok if i lost about 30 pounds–. Im a very considerate guy–but have been to thailand 4 times and forgot to bring my good judgement and paid dearly enough. Anyway– would like a real Thai gf-with some kind of decent job–smart enough to be interesting, pretty of course and can provide comfort to the heart with sex a second consideration. Truth is im not doing so well raising the flag–but i digress.
    Question is -how and where can i afford to hang out to find a “good girl” for a ltr–even possible a kind of marraige–maybe even take her back to the states money permitting. Any advice about tactics, expectations etc. Would like a woman up to 37 years old.

  • Kevin says:

    Thx for information. I’m not so much for hookers and it’s n’t because of the cost. i rather pay that cost to a good girls how wants to have some fun and of course be payed in other ways. So my question is where i’ve most chance to find this kind of the girls in chiang am? i’ll be there next week and stay for 2-3 weeks.

    grateful for tips

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