3 Best Dating Website for Meeting Thai Girls Online

Best Dating Website for Meeting Thai Girls Online
If you’re coming to Thailand for the first time and want to have sex with a beautiful Thai girls, you really only have three ways of meeting them:

1- Meet the girl in person at a bar, nightclub, or shopping mall

2- Find a prostitute at a beer bar, gogo, or freelancer

3- Meet a “good girl” using online dating

For those of you familiar with our website, you already know how big of a fan I am of online dating in Asia, especially Thailand. Whether you’re looking for a one night stand, a girlfriend, or a wife; you can find all that and more.

Online dating in Thailand is not the same as online dating in the United States. The women you meet in Thailand from these 3 websites are young, attractive, and very interested in meeting a foreigner.

I’ve lived in Thailand over 5 years and have personally tested all the dating websites as have many friends and fellow readers of GodsofThailand.com

Some dating websites work. Some don’t. Some are shit. While a few are clear winners.

Here are the 3 best dating website for meeting attractive Thai girls:

Thai Cupid

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For years this has been our recommended dating website for Thailand. Thai Cupid is the largest dating site in Thailand with the most members.

New women throughout Thailand everyday join to meet men. And the women who join this website know that this is a website where they can meet foreigners. So you won’t run into many Thai women who are ONLY looking for Thai men like on other dating sites in Thailand.

Also, you will find that the women who join this website tend speak English better and have a college education. Which is a huge benefit if you are looking for a girlfriend or someone with wife material.

I’ve had a paid membership with this website for years now. This has always been one of my main ways of meeting beautiful Thai girls from the comfort of my home.

My Recommendion: Sign up for free account, play around with the interface, and then upgrade to 3 – 6 month membership. This is the easiest way to meet high quality Thai girls. You will not be disappointed!


Thai Friendly

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This website is “the new kid on the block”. Three years ago you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has even heard of Thai Friendly. But now, this is easily the second largest dating website in Thailand.

The women on Thai friendly tend to be a little younger and less educated than Thai Cupid. So if you prefer young and cute girls, this is a good place for you to start. As a whole, the women here are much easier to set up dates with and have a one night stand. But if you are looking for a girlfriend, finding a high quality girl is not easy here.

Give me two days on this website and I can easily arrange at least 3 dates. It is REALLY easy to meet cute Thai girls here.

My Recommendion: It is free to sign up and you can send a message every 10 minutes with a free membership. Though I recommend you pay the $30 dollars which gives you the ability to send as many message as you want. And then send a message to every cute girl that catches your eye. You will easily be able to set up a couple dates.


Thai Love Lines

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This is one of the lesser known dating websites in Thailand, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. It has steadily been gaining market share throughout the last couple of years.

I consider this website a less popular version of Thai Cupid. The women on this site tend to have real jobs and a college education. But with this website not being as popular as the other two, you won’t be seeing a huge number of new members signing up every day.

Every few months I’ll create a paid membership for $20 on this website to meet and sleep with new Thai women. But I usually won’t pay for longer than one month at a time so I can give it a few months for new members to join who I haven’t contacted yet.

My Recommendion: You sign up for a paid one month membership. But with the lack of new members joining every day, one month will be more than enough time to meet all the girls who interest you that were already members.


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  • Nagaraj says:

    I am coming to Thailand on 17th of this month. I need good girl for company

  • Randy says:

    Thank you for this site I has told me a lot of what I wanted to know. I meet a Thai girl through a friend of mine. After she went back we have been talking on Skype and messaging for about 6 months now. I am trying to learn he ways and culture to move there (she wants me there because she is a teacher there) and has a couple of small business that I could help with. So far she is a real sweetheart just had a couple of times when I did not understand her ways or her mine. But again thank you

  • Living in Thailand says:

    I’ve been living in Thailand for 10+ years and have seen the rise and fall of quite a few dating websites in Thailand.

    You hit the nail on the head. These are the three sites I recommend to my friends before they head this way.

    Nice job

  • Farang Guy says:

    For me it is tie between Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. One is great for younger girls while the other is great for more professional women.

    Can’t really go wrong with either

  • Steve says:

    +1 for Thai Cupid. Met so many great Thai women there

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