Thai Freelance Girls | Hookers and Prostitutes in Thailand

What is the difference between a freelance prostitute and a normal Thai girl? How do you turn a freelancer into a girlfriend? How do you negotiate? Learn from our 10 plus years of experience dealing with the hookers of Thailand.

How to turn a Thailand Freelancer into a Girlfriend

Freelance girls are unavoidable in Thailand.  Some are as easy to spot based on how they dress and act, however a much larger majority are far harder to spot. What separates a fre...

Never Pay For Sex with a Freelance Girl in Thailand – Adult Content

“All the women in Thailand are whores.  I’m just going after the white girls.” “Not all Thai women are whores! But some will want payment in exchange for sex. This isn’t...

How to Negotiate with Freelance Girls in Thailand – Adult Content

It has happened to us all.  You meet a beautiful Thai girl while out at night.  You see her first at the Irish Pub while watching the game.  You make eye contact, she smiles, an...

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