Rawai Beach Travel Guides - Phuket Thailand

Everything you need to know about Rawai Beach in Phuket. Find the best nightlife, restaurants, shopping, adventure, activates, attractions, and much in Thailand.

About Rawai Beach in Phuket Thailand

Rawai Beach is beautiful and is ideal for hanging out, chatting with locals, renting a boat to explore the islands, or t... Continue reading

Nightlife Guide for Rawai Beach in Phuket

Rawai is easy to get around in, but many members of the community here have a favorite place to go that they stick to. S... Continue reading

What to do for Fun at Rawai Beach in Phuket

Rawai is a beautiful beach and village that still retains some local air. With plenty of conveniences and activities, Ra... Continue reading

7 Must See Attractions in Rawai Beach

Though not as active as some other beaches, Rawai still has its fair share of attractions. The most prominent is Phromth... Continue reading

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