Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach Travel Guides - Koh Chang Thailand

Everything you need to know about Kai Bae Beach on Koh Chang island. Find the best nightlife, restaurants, shopping, adventure, activates, attractions, and much in Thailand.

About Kai Bae Beach on Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach may lack the white sands that draws travelers to other beaches, but its peaceful, shady palm trees—and i... Continue reading

Nightlife Guide for Kai Bea Beach

When the sun goes down, the volume goes up in Kai Bea Beach, where there is recreation after dark to suit all tastes. Be... Continue reading

Where to Eat on Kai Bae Beach

After a day in the sun on Kai Bae, there are many options to fill your belly. Most obvious, and perhaps most attractive,... Continue reading

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